Gender transition at any age? Parents and teachers say ‘no!’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Gender-Transition-Parents.jpgIn their mad push to bring the family to ruins, gender ideologists use any means available to remove parents from the picture entirely. Why? Because they know full well where the parents stand: parents oppose pushing radical, sexualised ideals on their children.

A recent poll of parents and teachers in SA revealed that parents and many teachers believe that there should be a minimum age for children to be able to “transition” genders.

A survey by parent group the SA Association of State School Organisations found more than 60 per cent of parents and half of teachers supported a minimum. Of those who favoured a restriction, about three-quarters said children should at least be in high school, with many favouring a minimum age of 16 or even 18.


In his report on the survey, SAASSO director David Knuckey said: “Among the many comments received, the prevailing reasons for opposing aspects of the policy were that children are too young to make such decisions, the children won’t be safe from bullying and violence and that this is not the role of schools.”

More than 90 per cent of the 1300 respondents were parents, and half worked in schools.

As Marriage Alliance noted in January, there is a compulsory policy in SA that enables students to transition without parental consent, with the school overriding the parents’ decision about what is best for their child. Unsurprisingly, parents feel strongly that children are often too young to make such drastic life decisions, which is backed by scientific research. Despite the proof, radical gender activists and conformists continue to hustle in shoddy school policies that masquerade as “anti-bullying” programs, but are actually indoctrination means for schoolkids. 

Our CEO, Damian Wyld, spoke to 2CH’s Kel Richards about what's going on in South Australia, voicing concerns from South Australian parents:

Wyld explained that South Australian parents are facing extreme policies threatening their children’s wellbeing, including the initiative to “refresh” the Safe Schools program with a new name. As Kel Richards pointed out, what radical programs like Safe Schools are essentially doing is “grooming” children. As horrible as that sounds, these issues and disturbing occurrences are a result of a long-running, relentless, radical agenda. As Wyld said:

“This hasn’t crept up on us overnight. That it is in fact a unique generational issue. It begs the question: if school-age children are being taught the things we are seeing now, what does that mean for education in the future going forward?”

Clearly, South Australian parents and many teachers do not support these radical programs targeting young, impressionable children. Whether it be through removing gender entirely from the definition of marriage, or trying to remove parents from the picture entirely, the campaign to redefine marriage seeks to destroy the family.

One of the many battles we must win is to forever abolish Safe Schools and all similar programs from our school system. Thus, it is vital that we publicly show our support for politicians who stand against Safe Schools – but we cannot stop there. As Damian Wyld emphasised, we must remember that the fight to protect the family is far reaching, and has a long way to go:

“While it may seem to be done and dusted in a sense (and it is certainly not), we need to make sure that genuine, proper programs replace them and are instated, we need to ensure that funding never returns to anything like Safe Schools, and also to serve as an example for other states and territories.” 

We have many battles ahead of us. Yet, we have the facts, science, truth, and the support of parents on our side. No matter what battle we face, the fight to protect marriage is a fight we must win – and together, we will win.

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