Gender transitioning: The step-by-step process will shock you

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Gender-Transitioning-Process.jpg‘Gender confused’ children have been left wide open to the advances of transgender activists as the Family Court of Australia officially surrendered all accountability for their safety on 30 November of last year. Now, the power to initiate a child’s transition is in the hands of individual trans ‘therapy’ clinics throughout the country, many of which are operated by diehard LGBT activists.

This new system is a classic example of the fox guarding the henhouse, as is proven by the rise of gender dysphoric children who are being administered cross sex hormones and transitional surgery. According to Dr John Whitehall, a paediatrician of more than 50 years’ experience:

[C]hildren are reported to be suffering in numbers which are increasing exponentially every year. Protagonists argue that, in the past, the phenomenon was hidden by social attitudes but that, now, access to the internet is providing confidence for children and parents to declare membership in the ranks of the ‘gender fluid’.

Its rarity, however, was confirmed for me, a paediatrician of over 50 years experience, when I polled 28 of my colleagues and found only 12 cases could be re-called from a total experience of 931 years. In 10 of these cases there was severe mental co-morbidity: the other 2 were associated with severe sexual abuse.

I believe this modern phenomenon represents a behavioural fad which is spreading through the community in a contagious manner, fanned by an uncritical and enthusiastic media, and given direction by websites and such governmental directives as the so-called ‘safe schools programme’.

In an attempt to self-validate, the transgender movement is facilitating and encouraging the transition of children, some of whom have not even graduated primary school. And yet, these chemical and surgical methods of gender realignment present a huge health risk both physical and psychologically. Dr Whitehall explains the step by step process which these children undergo, starting with the social transitioning:

The medical pathway may begin with ‘social transition’ in which the child is permitted if not encouraged to emulate the perceived characteristics of the opposite sex. This will involve haircuts and clothing, but also new names to fit identification at schools and access to cross-sex toilets and activities. The danger of this charade is that the child may become so programmed in self-identification that progression to the next stages is automatic.

The next step in the process is always hormone blockers, which halt the sequence of hormones which activate the development of secondary sex characteristics. Despite protagonists’ assurances that the blockers are ‘safe and entirely reversible’, studies (especially those by a few major universities in Glasgow and Oslo) have indubitably proven otherwise:

In the sequence of hormones released during puberty, it appears the particular hormone blocked early in the process (known as gonadotrophin releasing hormone, GnRH)) has effects in the brain other than the specific role of stimulating the pituitary gland. It appears to have a general role in the preservation of the integrity of nerve cells elsewhere in the brain, the spinal cord, and the neuronal plexus around the bowel. For example, in adult women receiving blockers for gynaecological reasons, degeneration has been demonstrated in the nerves of the bowel.

Failure to preserve the health of neurones may explain the lasting changes in the limbic system in the brains of sheep. That system, reckoned to be the site of the ‘emotional soul’ of an animal, coordinates cognitive, emotional and remembered data and leads to ‘executive function’: in other words, the limbic system initiates a decision for activity that is considered to be the best interests of the animal according to all the various inputs of feelings, memory, and current intellectual judgement.

After a short time on blockers, the limbic system of sheep has been shown to hypertrophy, in the process of which the functions of hundreds of genes are altered. As a result, the ability for executive judgement by a sheep is reduced and emotional lability is increased.

Once an individual has been on hormone blockers for a time, the next step towards surgical transition is the administration of cross sex hormones. Intended to bring out the physical characteristics of the opposite gender, it is yet another destructive substance added to an already chemically overloaded body:

As well as irreversible effects of certain physical manifestations and the probability of sterilisation, protagonists have declared the possibility of disruption of the metabolic systems of recipients resulting in hypertension and thrombosis. But no warning has ever been published or brought to the attention of the Family Court with regard to the proven effect of cross-sex hormones on the brain.

Men on oestrogens have demonstrated a rate of atrophy of grey matter 10 times faster than normal ageing. Females on testosterone have revealed thickening of that layer. Both effects have been demonstrated after only months of treatment. Children may be started on cross sex hormones in puberty, to continue them for the rest of their lives.

The last step in the equation in the surgery itself which is an irreversible attempt to destroy all evidence of one’s biological gender. Many ‘therapy’ clinics advocate for this even on minors, resulting in surgeries on children as young as 15 years.

Protagonists proclaim these massive chemical and surgical interventions are necessary for the psychological well-being of the child who has allegedly been born in the body of the opposite sex. This gender misplacement, however, is declared not to be a pathological phenomenon but merely a point on a normal rainbow of gender fluidity

Yet, despite the irreversible physical changes, the chemical damage to patients’ brains and the potentially life-threatening outcome, the Family Court of Australia has tossed this monumental decision to mere ‘therapy’ clinics. They have bowed out of their federal duties to protect the vulnerable citizens of Australia in order to cater to an ideological trend.

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