Urge your Coalition MPs and senators to stand by their promised plebiscite on marriage – it only takes two minutes!

“We’re going to get it [same-sex marriage]. I think it might even be sooner than everyone thinks. And your friends in Canberra are working on that outcome.”

So said Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne to a group of left-leaning Liberal MPs and supporters in Sydney – comments that were recently leaked and widely reported in the media.

The blocking of the plebiscite by Labor, NXT and Greens senators has emboldened some Coalition MPs to think they can go back on an election promise to let the people decide.

But a majority of Australians want a say: Essential Report’s June poll on same-sex marriage has made this undeniably clear!

Here’s what the poll revealed:

  • At least 61% of Australians want a plebiscite on marriage
  • Even 57% of Labor voters want a national vote
  • Only 27% of Australians think the issue should be decided by politicians

Australians know that marriage is an issue too important to be decided by a handful of MPs in Canberra. It’s critical we remind Coalition MPs that Australians expect them to deliver the plebiscite promised at the last election.

Use this form to send an email to the Coalition MPs and senators in your state or territory, urging them to stand by their promise on marriage!

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Subject: Please stand by your promise on marriage!

Dear member:

Your government was elected with a clearly stated policy of giving the Australian people a vote on the future of marriage.

A June poll by Essential Report shows that 61% of Australians want to have a say – including 57% of Labor voters. Only 27% of Australians think it should be left to politicians to decide.

I am one of the 61%, and I am asking you to stand firm to your commitment.

This issue will help inform my vote at the next federal election.


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