Greek Mothers Fight Against (Un)Safe Schools Program

2016-06-10_UnSafe_Schools.jpgA group of mothers in the Greek community have taken a hard stance against the Safe Schools program by speaking boldly against gender ideology and organising a website and Facebook page called You’re Teaching Our Children What?

Miranda Devine reports on why the mothers have organised opposition to Safe Schools and other related programs.

Sophie, one of 10 mothers involved, says they want to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals but they have had an “overwhelmingly positive response” from parents.

“I found out my son’s school was part of Safe Schools and I hadn’t been informed so we started looking at the program and all the gender theory behind it,” she said yesterday.

“None of it sat well with us. When you speak to (other mothers) they’re horrified, upset and feel they have no control …

“It’s not an anti-bullying program … This program is about sexualisation of children and it’s not what our families believe in, and I don’t believe it is what most Australians believe in.”

The mothers are not the only members of the Greek community who are outspoken about the program’s harm to schoolchildren.

Father Eusebios, the Abbot of the Pantanassa Greek Orthodox Monastery, told some of the families at a forum in Belmore last month of the confusion and anxiety the new sex education classes are creating for children.

“From first-hand experience as confessor … I’ve been confronted with many examples that have given me the drive to ask you to join us to do something about this …

“I had a 13-year-old child come to me who tells me he’s been told to go home and find a picture of a male celebrity on the internet and explain to the entire class why he is sexually attracted to that male and he says to the teacher ‘I can’t do this’ and she removes him from the classroom.”

Safe Schools do not protect LGBTI students. Instead, they effectively discriminate against students who do not suffer from the same confusion.

One girl wrote to complain about her geography teacher’s advocacy of same-sex marriage: “I dreaded going to my geography lessons. If someone tries to say anything we get shut down and are labelled as bigots or haters … It makes me feel scared and uncomfortable”.

Safe Schools is the real bully, and our children are paying the price.

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