Guidance for Scottish Teachers: Kids Can Be “Gender Fluid”

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Scotland-Gender-Fluid.jpgThe LGBTI lobby continues its crusade to erode any biologically based understanding of gender. A transgender guidance document for Scottish teachers has said that schools should stop distinguishing between “male” and “female”.

The 30-page document declares that teachers should embrace “gender fluidity”, which is defined as a “flexible range of gender expression which may change over time and sometimes as frequently as on a daily basis”. The document also encourages teachers to let children choose their gender, and disturbingly, to help children to hide their “gender choices” from parents. 

“It is important that if a child or young person does not want their parents to know [about changing gender], the school must respect their wishes. Breaking confidentiality may put the young person at risk in their home.”

Chris McGovern, of the non-profit organisation Campaign for Real Education, responded to the document:

“Teachers are not experts in this area and dabbling in it as though they are is likely to cause considerable confusion.” 

Just as we have seen in efforts across Australia to remove parents from the process of sex education, this is an example of social engineering which pits children against their parents.

Josie Appleton, head of the civil rights organisation The Manifesto Club, said the program would divide families.

“The idea that authorities have a policy document which essentially says schools have the licence over children’s identities, and keep that private from parents, is outrageous.

“It’s going to completely estrange institutions from parents.”

Appleton cautioned that children are being encouraged to ‘change their gender’ saying: “If children are presenting with these issues, then obviously schools have to deal with them – but they shouldn’t have a policy that encourages that.”

The document, titled “Supporting Transgender And Gender Variant Children and Young People: Guidance for Schools”, also promotes “gender-neutral” activities in the classroom.

Scotland has recently seen a concerted push to enforce LGBTI-inclusive sex education in all schools, including faith schools. The “Time for Inclusive Education Campaign” (TIE) has pushed for LGBTI issues to be made compulsory across all subjects – much like the local Safe Schools program. 

TIE has called for the following topics to be included as compulsory:

– Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia;
– Same-sex relationships;
– The Equal Rights Movement, Stonewall and the Gay Liberation Movement;
– Sexualities and sexual orientation;
– Transsexualism and gender identity;
– And pro-LGBT sexual health education.

Gender ideology programs such as these are examples of PC social engineering that could infringe the legitimate rights of parents to educate their children as they see fit. These programs don’t just subvert the parents’ rights ­– these programs encourage children to dangerously toy with their biological understanding of their own identity.

Are you a parent who is concerned about these issues? Let us know. 

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