Cross-sex hormones: Here’s what happens to transgender children

Picture1.jpgTaught that their real gender may be trapped in their biological body, it is no wonder that there has been a spike in the percentage of preschool-aged children who identify as transgender. Of course, activists claim that this increase in number is due to the fact that these children finally feel safe to express themselves, but is this really the case? Or is our society inflicting adult neuroses about gender on the most impressionable of our society?

Michelle Cretella, the president of the American College of Pediatricians, believes that it is the latter. In an article called ‘I’m a Pediatrician. Here’s What I Did When a Little Boy Patient said He Was a Girl.’ she addresses the issue, giving an example of one of her own patients:

I had one patient we’ll call Andy. Between the ages of 3 and 5, he increasingly played with girls and “girl toys” and said he was a girl. I referred the parents and Andy to a therapist.

In the middle of one session, Andy put down the toy truck, held onto a Barbie, and said, “Mommy and Daddy, you don’t love me when I’m a boy.” When Andy was 3, his sister with special needs was born, and required significantly more of his parents’ attention. Andy misperceived this as “Mommy and Daddy love girls. If I want them to love me, I have to be a girl.” With family therapy Andy got better.

The example above shows that signs of gender dysphoria may indeed be created via outside pressures, with children choosing to identify with the other gender for a number of reasons, including in order to gain approval.

However, as Dr Cretella points out, most doctors ignore external factors that may contribute to feelings of gender dysphoria, and instead immediately resort to measures such as puberty blockers, exacerbating the condition rather than helping the child.  Dr Cretella explains that in today’s culture, and with a different doctor, Andy’s story might be a lot different:

Today, Andy’s parents would be told, “This is who Andy really is. You must ensure that everyone treats him as a girl, or else he will commit suicide.”

As Andy approaches puberty, the experts would put him on puberty blockers so he can continue to impersonate a girl.

It doesn’t matter that we’ve never tested puberty blockers in biologically normal children. It doesn’t matter that when blockers are used to treat prostate cancer in men, and gynecological problems in women, they cause problems with memory. We don’t need testing. We need to arrest his physical development now, or he will kill himself.

But this is not true. Instead, when supported in their biological sex through natural puberty, the vast majority of gender-confused children get better. Yet, we chemically castrate gender-confused children with puberty blockers. Then we permanently sterilize many of them by adding cross-sex hormones, which also put them at risk for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancers, and even the very emotional problems that the gender experts claim to be treating.

At their tender age, these children are unable to rationalise the amount of damage these substances can cause, and concerned and panicked parents are encouraged to use them to avoid even worse consequences. However, the effects of these drugs overtime is immeasurably destructive. For grown adults – who are aware of the consequences of these procedures and dosages – to expose and even encourage young children to consider these measures is profoundly wrong. Not only will it cause them to question the very foundation of their being, but, if they embrace this mindset, it will cause irreparable damage down the line as they attempt to force their body to conform to their perceived gender.

As Dr Michelle Cretella concludes:

To indoctrinate all children from preschool forward with the lie that they could be trapped in the wrong body disrupts the very foundation of a child’s reality testing. If they can’t trust the reality of their physical bodies, who or what can they trust?

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