How We Can Win the Marriage Plebiscite

Marriage_Alliance_Poll_Results.jpgFor the last two years, and with your generous support, Marriage Alliance has been working to lay the foundations to win a people’s vote on marriage.

Our work has been aimed at showing that victory, through a plebiscite, is absolutely achievable.

Today we can finally share with you the main reason for our optimism.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine details exclusive polling conducted by Marriage Alliance in preparation for the people’s vote.

The results are shocking only because they are so different to what the mainstream media and the political elites would have us believe.

Miranda writes:

Professional large-scale polling by Marriage Alliance — revealed exclusively and for the first time to readers of this column today — gives the lie to claims that almost 75 per cent of Australians favour same-sex marriage, and that, therefore, the debate is settled and should be rushed through a parliamentary vote.

According to the poll of 2,500 people taken in December by Sexton Market Research for Marriage Alliance, just 33 per cent of Australians “strongly support” legalising same-sex marriage.

A further, softer, 19 per cent said they “somewhat support” it, making for a total of 52 per cent in favour. On the other side, 25 per cent were undecided, 20 per cent “strongly opposed” and three per cent “somewhat opposed”.

Digging a bit deeper we see:

Support plummeted for same-sex marriage when it was linked to a social change agenda, including Safe Schools, and when freedom of speech and religion are threatened.

The irony is that, if the plebiscite had been held in February, as the government planned before Labor scuttled it, Marriage Alliance sources say they may have lost. The poll would have occurred just before Valentine’s Day, which would have helped frame the issues as being just about “love”, the Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse was in the news, effectively silencing the churches, and the intimidation of opponents was not as evident.

But the cynical campaign against the plebiscite by Opposition Bill Shorten, using it as political wedge, has backfired on those who want change.

That is why they want to force the decision through parliament. The intimidation of opponents, so vicious that Christian organisations have had to suppress the identities of board members, serves a useful purpose.

We absolutely can win a people’s vote on marriage.

And your continued support today is absolutely crucial if we are to achieve victory.

Please consider giving a gift to Marriage Alliance today, so we can continue to work towards a victory. Your support helps us continue to do essential work, like this polling, and prepare to win the debate on marriage.


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