Hundreds of UK doctors could be trained as transgender specialists

Picture1.jpgUnder a new National Health Services (NHS) proposal in the United Kingdom, hundreds of general practitioners would be designated “champions for transgender healthcare.” The change would see transgender treatment specialists installed in surgeries across England, as well as GPs trained as advocates for treatment and cultural sensitivity of transgender issues.

Family doctors that receive the training would also be able to prescribe hormone treatments for sex changes, and would be considered liaisons for best practices with transgender patients among other medical professionals.

Training local GPs to be transgender ‘champions’ will likely only see an increase in the diagnosis of gender dysphoria across the country, building on a dramatic increase in gender dysphoria diagnosis among UK kids, with 50 kids being referred to gender clinics each week.

It is likely that doctors trained as transgender “champions” will only add to the problems parents already face, where doctors are diagnosing children with gender dysphoria and sending them off to gender clinics after only a brief consultation. 

Medicine is an area that is supposed to be free from ideology; the only thing a doctor should “champion” is the best treatment for their patient. 

But as we saw in the debate on same-sex marriage, even professional organisations like the Australian Medical Association abandoned their neutral, evidence-based stance on the issue and instead became like every other activist organisation

NHS is also proposing that the minimum age for sex-change operation referrals be lowered to 17 instead of 18 years old. Lord Winston spoke out against the change, saying:

Some people who undergo gender change may become deeply unhappy later in life.

Teenagers have an immature brain which may not assess risk properly. They are on a rollercoaster of constantly changing thoughts and feelings.

Until we understand the underlying reason for gender dysphoria more clearly, we must be extremely cautious.

Considering that a recent report from the Royal Children’s Hospital highlighted so much uncertainty about the long-term effects of gender treatment on children, it is inappropriate that the NHS is now seeking to turn GPs into transgender champions. 

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