If Legal Discrimination has Ended, Why Does the Fight Continue?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Behind-Discrimination-Mask.jpgSame-sex marriage activists proudly confirm that all forms of legal discrimination against LGBTI Australians have been removed from our laws. But this begs the question: if all forms of legal discrimination have been removed, why do we still hear so much about “discrimination” and/or "equality"? If the push to redefine marriage is not about equality, what is the real agenda behind it?

For example, a recent bill passed in South Australia grants same-sex couples access to unpaid surrogacy and IVF treatment. The accompanying report confirmed that “equality” had now been achieved:

A bill allowing equal access to assisted reproductive treatment and unpaid surrogacy for same-sex couples has been passed in the South Australian parliament.

The passage of the bill removes the last legal discrimination against LGBTI people from the statute books of the state.

Lee Carnie from the Human Rights Law Centre said the fact the bill passed was a huge step forward for equality for LGBTI people in South Australia.

“There are many rainbow families already living in South Australia, but this reform will remove barriers to accessing treatment and will ensure couples don’t need to travel interstate to start a family,” she said.

“This reform removes the last stain of discrimination from the statute books of South Australia and mean that lesbian couples will now have access to assisted reproductive technology in every state of Australia.”

These final changes to state laws come almost 10 years after a significant project was undertaken at a federal level to amend laws deemed to provide unequal treatment to LGBTI Australians.

In 2008, the federal laws were changed to remove discrimination at a national level. In an interview, Tanya Plibersek MP, Deputy Labor Leader, stated that 2008 was the year that removed all “legal discrimination” against LGBTI citizens:

"Well, we changed 85 laws at the time, Leigh. We removed every piece of legal discrimination against gay men, lesbians and same-sex couples on the statute books."

We have confirmation from prominent LGBTI activists that discrimination has been removed, at least at a federal level and within South Australia. The process shows that, any remaining inequalities – in the unlikely event any exist – can be addressed through specific laws which do not have the same consequences for all Australians as a change to the Marriage Act would. 

Even same-sex marriage advocates say there is no discrimination at law, and their approval of legislative changes to address inequality proves that the definition of marriage does not need to change to prevent discrimination. So, what is the real agenda? Is it possible that ‘equality’ is not enough, and what they really want is to force all Australians to conform to their views? This is exactly what we are seeing in countries where the definition of marriage has been changed, with far-reaching impacts into employment, business and education.

Same-sex marriage advocates can continue their cries of ‘inequality’ and ‘discrimination,’ but the silent majority of Australians know that they are crying ‘wolf’, because even they have no choice to acknowledge that legal inequality no longer exists.

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