In the Name of Equality, Single-sex Organisations Cannot Continue

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Equality-Single-sex-Organisations-Cannot-Continue.jpgRadical gender ideology is so far removed from reality, that it has to resort to emotional appeal and accusations of “discrimination” and “inequality” in order to be given any consideration. Sadly, what “gender” ideology succeeds at best is destroying the celebration of what differentiates male and female biology.

For example, the UK Girls Guides movement has been a female-only group since its foundation in 1910. Now, a century-later, the politically correct norm of the day deems this “female-only” ideal to be discriminatory. Hence, now all people who identify as “female” – girls, young women, and transgender women (biologically-born males who identify as female) – will not only be welcomed into the group, but will also be viable candidates to be group leaders.

As reported by The Independent

Transgender children will now be able to join the Guides as the organisation wants to support all girls, including those who were born boys.

As part of new guidelines, the Guides will consider girls, young women and people who identify themselves as female. And, for the first time, adults born male but who self-identify as women will be allowed to become troop leaders. 

“If a child or young person self-identifies as a girl or young woman then they are able to join any of our youth sections appropriate to their age,” the guidelines state.    

[U]nder the new rules, people undergoing gender reassignment will also be welcomed. The Guides also call for “discretion” and “flexibility” for members who may be transitioning.

As with the majority of these polices, officials are keeping parents in the dark regarding whether or not their children – in this case, daughters – will be instructed by a transgender “leader”:

The new rules state that parents will not be informed if a leader is transgender or if there are transgender children in their local group. This will still apply when Guides are attending residential camps or events. 

A confidentiality clause stated in the document reads: “When a young person is over 18, it is unlawful to tell other people that they are trans unless the trans person has given you permission to do so.”

The new guidelines sparked controversy among some parents, who believe they should be told if a transgender person is leading the group their children is attending. But the changes are in line with the 2010 Equality Act, which stresses organisations providing single-sex services must treat everyone fairly and consider their gender.

The policy is not only infiltrating the Guides, but also the Boy Scouts, which has also been a boys’ only institution for more than 100 years. Just this week, Scouts in Australia and the United States will open their doors to transgender boys and transgender male leaders as well.

Scouts chief commissioner of Australia, Chris Bates confirmed that parents would not be told about the true gender of any Scout or Scout leader:

We take the privacy of our members extremely seriously and, apart from where we are legally ­required, do not release personal information about any member without the permission of the member or their family.

In the name of privacy, the rights of parents are being undermined and even removed altogether.

Rather than giving a young person experiencing gender dysphoria proper support in light of evidence that the feeling passes for many of them, organisations are jumping on the politically correct bandwagon and playing the game that gender is fluid. Tragically, what this really accomplishes is to destroy many of the gender-specific activities that individuals – especially children – enjoy.

These events are ringing examples of what happens when laws which acknowledge that there is a difference between men and women are changed, and a country allows radical ideologies to destroy foundational truths of society. It is a tragedy that in the name of equality, the Guides’ century-old foundational purpose has been trampled. Is this what we want to see happen in our own Australia? As politicians continue to play with our rights, our freedoms, and our societal foundations, we must speak up – before it is too late.  

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