Ireland’s Referendum Is Just Another Reason for Plebiscite

Marriage_Alliance_Ireland_Referendum_Is_Just_Another_reason_for_Plebiscite.jpgThe debate about the plebiscite continues as same-sex activists, backed by Labor, claim that it will merely present a platform for homophobia. They go so far as to claim that the campaign will result in many LGBTI suicides over the hatred which it will expose. The Herald Sun published an article entitled Scare Campaign an Insult to Australians, where it highlights the ridiculous push-back to the plebiscite.

LGBTI activists and plebiscite-pushers in Australia are claiming that the Irish marriage referendum should be a warning to other countries: 

On Wednesday, Grainne Healy, a co-director of Ireland’s Yes Equality campaign, said Australia should not have a public vote because the Irish referendum had been “brutal” for gays and lesbians, and her volunteers needed counselling for all the abuse and hate speech.

But Ms Healy was saying something different a year ago.  The day after the referendum, she had a much more positive reflection on the experience of a public vote:

“Today we woke up, smiling, in a changed Ireland. A kinder, gentler, more accepting Ireland.”

Ms Healy is not the only person whose recollection of the Irish referendum appears to have changed.  Australian Marriage Equality’s Tiernan Brady, has recently argued that a plebiscite “will be a hard journey for lesbian and gay people,” even though last year, he said of the referendum:

It’s been a really positive event … It was a real moment of joy for the entire country.”

The Herald Sun summarises the “bizarre” inconsistency quite well:

So a public vote, far from drowning Ireland in bigotry, turned out to be a “really positive event” that produced a “kinder, gentler” country in an “uplifting” moment of “unity” after “a campaign based on respect for all sides”?”

Obviously, the LGBTI community and its supporters have an empty argument. Moreover, they can’t validly use the Irish referendum as proof of supposed bigotry and hatred. In fact, the Irish referendum disproves the claims that the plebiscite manufactures homophobia. When it comes down to it, it is merely one more reason to proceed with the plebiscite. 

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