Kids with Special Needs Will be Force-Fed Safe Schools

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Special-Needs.jpgChildren with special needs will be force-fed radical gender theory in schools across Victoria, as the Safe Schools program expands its influence. This is a new low for LGBTI lobby, who will seemingly stop at nothing to enforce their agenda even upon those who are most vulnerable.

Ballarat Specialist School, which caters to children with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, announced that it was “implementing relevant parts of the Safe Schools program … as part of [its] wider health curriculum”, according to The Australian.

Ballarat Specialist School educates children between 3 and 18 years of age, and there are currently 480 students in its care. Two other special schools, Berendale School and Travancore School, were also included on the Safe Schools register. Travancore School also serves children with mental health issues.

As reported in The Australian, the Victorian government confirmed such schools would not be exempted from the program which will be made compulsory state-wide in 2018.

Why are schools like Ballarat Specialist School giving in to this trend? Chances are, bullying from gender ideologues is beginning to have an effect.

In an environment in which parents are shut out from making decisions about their children’s education, it is worrying that this trend continues to spread. Disability groups have expressed concern that these materials, which teach that gender and sex “exist on a spectrum”, could be confusing for children who already struggle at school, and who may also experience delayed development. 

Schools like Ballarat Specialist School need to remove these materials from their curricula immediately.

Rachel Carling-Jenkins, Democratic Labour Party member for the VIC Western Metropolitan region, told The Australian: 

“We’ve got kids with learning disabilities who are having to cope with these complex concepts.

“I have no problem with sex education in schools, but this Safe Schools program goes way beyond that.”

According to Ballarat Specialist’s stated aims, the school is committed to ensuring that students’ “voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives.”

Every person involved in Ballarat Specialist School has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make.

If they truly value the wellbeing of the children in its care, Ballarat Specialist School and other special schools will abandon the Safe Schools program altogether. The program has been widely criticised and could cause irreparable harm to children. Nick Wakeling, Victorian Opposition spokesman, said the Andrews government needs to “explain why he has allowed his radical gender and sexuality Safe Schools program into the classroom with children with special needs”.

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