LGBT leaders affirm that “No” campaign was right

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBTI-Gender-Ideology.jpgAfter spending the months during the plebiscite campaign rejecting that there were any consequences to redefining marriage, the ‘yes’ campaign has now confirmed everything that we had been warning about. The Equality Campaign co-chair, Anna Brown, affirmed what the “No” campaign had been saying all along: same-sex marriage is not the final frontier… and never was.

Gender ideology comes next.

During an interview with The Guardian, Brown stated that, with same-sex marriage out of the way, she is turning her focus on ‘trans and intersex rights and gender diversity issues’.

“As a movement we have a responsibility to stand by them and make sure they’re not left behind … to amplify their voices.”

Her top priorities include:

"Easier gender changes on birth certificates. Preventing unnecessary surgery on intersex children. Gender education in schools and LGBTI acceptance in aged care."

One of Brown’s staunch supporters, Marriage Equality co-chair Alex Greenwich, has confirmed that the Australia’s LGBT community will be mobilised in the near future:  

“We will work hard to protect the gains we’ve made, to work for new gains and to support the international effort.”

They plan to do this by building on their database from the previous campaign. Yet another admission that redefining marriage was only a stepping stone in their journey:

She foreshadows consultation in the new year to determine if they are “motivated only by a particular cause” or have the “appetite to mobilise around broader LGBTI issues”.

She says she will be “disappointed” if the movement loses the goodwill, support and membership database built by the campaign.

With the vote safely in their pocket, LGBT activists are now looking to continue with their agenda. Less than a month after same-sex marriage became law, the LGBT movement feels empowered enough to throw off its disguise and show their true colours.

But we shouldn’t be too surprised. As a country, we anticipated these flow on effects of legalising same-sex marriage. We knew that it would not stop at their projected benchmark for ‘equality’.

We were right.

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