LGBTI Activism Takes Its Toll on UK Youth

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBTI-Activism-UK-Youth.jpgA new study by ‘Ditch the Label’ has emerged in the UK, demonstrating that the increased LGBTI activism is having a significant impact on their youth.

According to the study, over half of the UK’s young people no longer identify as straight, claiming that they would rather forego traditional labels. According to Matthew Wade of Star Observer:

The results found that 76 per cent of young people believe labels on sexuality are ‘no longer important’ and that people should be able to date whoever they want. 

It also found that 47 per cent of respondents chose not to be labelled at all, saying terms like ‘straight’, ‘lesbian’, and ‘gay’ were too limiting.

Further down in Wade’s article, the percentages get steeper:

Other findings in the survey included how 93 per cent of young people felt it was a good thing to explore your sexuality, while 57 per cent said they felt they didn’t fit into the traditional definition of heterosexuality.

How is it that these numbers are so drastic? Have they always been this high?

Don’t be fooled: these numbers have increased thanks to the level of LGBTI activism in the UK. Even in Australia, we are witnessing younger and more impressionable age groups being targeted with the concept of gender fluidity. Unaware of the drastic consequences that are contained in the bright façade of the LGBTI agenda, the youth are easily seduced by its message of “acceptance” of all lifestyles. 

The impact of imposing a solid LGBTI agenda on Australian kids has been shown most dramatically with the number of children seeking help from the gender dysphoria unit at Victoria’s Royal Children’s Hospital: in the 6 years since the introduction of Safe Schools, the numbers for child applicants have risen by 4,000 per cent. Such statistics are evidence that the LGBTI agenda does have widespread consequences, often having an immediate effect where young people are concerned.

The UK’s legalisation of same-sex marriage has already infiltrated their societal foundations, laying the groundwork to indoctrinate generations to come. Here in Australia, we are still fighting for our right to retain the traditional definition of marriage. It is our job to protect the innocence and identity of our young people, rather than adding to their confusion by allowing the infiltration of extreme ideologies! 

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