LGBTI Community Casts Out One of Its Own

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBTI-Casts-Out.jpgRecently, we wrote about transgender athlete Catherine McGregor, a senior army official who underwent a gender transition after years of life as a man. 

McGregor, who entered women’s first-grade cricket this year, has spoken out about the bullying she faced throughout 2016. However, contrary to cultural stereotypes, the bullying did not come from ‘hateful anti-gay bigots’ – it came from the LGBTI community.

Ms McGregor wrote about what happened to her after she “came out” in opposition to the radical Safe Schools program, despite being transgender herself:

It is impossible to have polite disagreement with the gay left. I was liberally referred to as a c… on Twitter without a peep of dissent from a number of our leading feminist language police.

A gay lawyer named Matthew Harper was the most putrid offender. Only Miranda Devine of [The Daily Telegraph] defended me.

Miranda Devine is herself often held up as an example of “hateful bigotry,” so it is significant that McGregor names Devine as her sole defender.

McGregor reflected on how the LGBTI community ignored the verbal abuse she sustained, and how some even compounded the harm.

Had such labels been applied to, say, Anne Summers or Gillian Triggs, they would have run a special edition of Q & A.

I challenged the gay paper the Sydney Star ­Observer about whether they would follow up on the vicious abuse that I had ­sustained. Fat chance.

According to their ­editor Corey Sinclair, I am a ­“horribly vindictive ­person” about whom no one cares.

Although transgender, McGregor opposes Safe Schools because she believes gender dysphoria is a medical phenomenon which requires doctors and families to plan an appropriate response for the individual child.”

Due to her unwillingness to champion to a radical program which she believes could be harmful to vulnerable children, McGregor was publicly bullied and cast out by the LGBTI community. 

She reiterates a point recently made by gay British columnist and ex-politician Matthew Parris, who recently described the “LGBT club” as a “bolting together of dissimilar groups [which] distorts understanding”. Parris goes on to suggest that other gay people should “stand back” from the LGBTI lobby because it has lost its way and become “angry” and “shrill”. Similarly, McGregor has distanced herself from the movement, remarking that she too does not empathise with many prominent members of the LGBTI community :

…What do I, a former military officer who loves Australia and cricket, have in common with Roz Ward, who dreams of a socialist utopia run by a proletariat of undefined gender?

Now, the LGBTI lobby wants separate treatment during natural disasters. I thought we were fighting to be treated as human beings, regardless of our sexuality? That is the difference between a Martin Luther King and a Roz Ward. In a common peril surely humanity trumps sexuality.

And so, like Matthew Parris, I am walking away from this rancid, nasty ghetto. I will never again attend any event so defined nor donate to any cause bearing the name.

Clearly, the LGBTI lobby is willing to attack its own for simply expressing different views, yet they are the ones that demand “tolerance” be the law of the land. The irony is extreme.

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