LGBTI Lobby Targets Individuals for Demise

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Christian-Charities-Lachlan-Macquarie-Institute.jpgTaking a momentary pause from hounding politicians, the LGBTI lobby has turned on individuals, determined to make ordinary Australians pay by trying to convince their employers that traditional values are incompatible with corporate diversity.

After their attack on Coopers, the next target in their line of sight was IBM or specifically, one executive within it. Rallying their supporters, the same-sex marriage advocates launched a social media campaign attacking the organisation, which is openly in support of same-sex marriage, for hiring Mark Allaby. They claim that Allaby’s ties with the Lachlan Macquarie Institute poses a direct affront to IBM’s public support of same-sex marriage. According to Dennis Shanahan of The Australian:

As part of the campaign, led by Michael Barnett, convener of Jewish LGBTI support group Aleph Melbourne, and Rod Swift, a Greens candidate in the 2014 state election, IBM was accused of “hypocrisy” and lists of ACL board members and their jobs were put on Twitter. The charity register was also searched and board members’ names circulated.

After ACL took down people’s names from its website “for security reasons”, the organisation was mocked by activists and Mr Barnett — known as mikeybear — was asked if he wanted someone “to fix this one up for you?”

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Lachlan-Macquarie-Institute-Board-Removed-Website.jpgLast week Mr Barnett posted on Twitter: “A bad look … that IBM managing partner Mark Allaby sits on the anti-LGBT Lachlan Macquarie Institute board.”

He also said: “As an LGBT champion @IBM­Australia, why did you employ a board member of a high-profile anti-LGBT organisation.” 

Although the social media campaign seemed ridiculous at best, it took its toll. As of 27 March the Lachlan Macquarie Institute confirmed Mr Allaby was no longer on their board. IBM has refused to comment on the situation, but their tacit approval of the pressure placed on Mr Allaby is undeniable. If IBM was truly committed to diversity in the workplace, it would have publicly supported Mr Allaby’s right to associate with the training institute.

In response to the situation, both the Lachlan Macquarie Institute and the Australian Christian Lobby have received permission from The Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission to keep the names of their board members a secret. The commission rarely grants such requests, having made a few exceptions for registered charities such as women’s shelters fearful of violence. However, in the case of these two Christian organisations, it is undeniable that there is plausible cause, with many Christian leaders describing the tactics as “appalling” and “unAustralian”.

However, the LGBTI lobby did not stop there. The same Mr Barnett who circulated the board members of LMI and ACL tweeted out again, this time with the intent of removing a Christian lecturer at Macquarie University.  

Mr Barnett… singled out Macquarie University senior research associate Steve Chavura as a member of the LMI board. “A bad look @Macquarie_Uni having a Lachlan Macquarie Institute board member and director on your payroll, as a @PrideDiversity member,” Mr Barnett tweeted.

Despite the fact that Barnett denies that his posts are in any way discriminatory, it is obvious that his sole intent is to seek out and intimidate dissenters with the purpose of prosecuting them. In fact, his bullying has extended to the LGBTI circles which he frequents, making him quite unpopular with his fellow same-sex marriage supporters.

The question one must ask, however, is why politicians and employers have responded so drastically to a social media post? It’s incredibly important to realise that leaders are caving to any amount of pressure out of fear of offending or standing on the wrong side of political correctness. This is nonsense and cowardice.  

Politics, education and now the corporate world is rank with this mindset. IBM, pressured by social media, coerced Mark Allaby into giving up his Christian ties in order to keep his job. And Macquarie University, supposedly an institution which prides itself on open-mindedness and dedicating to learning about the diversity of opinion, has refused to support one of its lecturers, Chavura, against the assault of the LGBTI lobby. It’s only remark being that it “asks that employees adhere to the universities public comment policy.”

Chavura is standing firm, refusing to give up his role at the Lachlan Macquarie Institute. He spoke to Andrew Bolt: view video at the end of the article.

LGBTI activists are no longer fighting to change the definition of marriage. The situation has become much more sinister than that. The lengths they are willing to go to force the silent majority into submission, speak volumes about their motives. Their movement has become an ever growing push to force any dissenters to their knees, and what better place to start than with Christian leaders and organisations?

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