It was only a matter of time! LGBTI Community Offending Itself

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBTI-Offended.jpgWhen a community intent on enforcing politically correct language as the reigning ‘law’, can’t even avoid offending its own members, it sure makes one wonder. And laugh. 

In Victoria, the new ‘Pride Centre’, a project whose price tag is a whopping $30 million, has become the epicentre of division within the Australian LGBTI community.

Analysing the saga as featured in news sources such as The Australian, the lobby has apparently managed to brilliantly and utterly offended itself. Despite enforcing hyper-tolerant language for the silent majority, the Centre’s board members are amiss when it comes to their own knowledge of the ‘inclusive language’ guide.

At a community consultation event last month, the audience was greeted with the common salutation “ladies and gentlemen.” What the organisers failed to remember was that there multiple non-binary members present. As one would expect, major repercussion ensued over the “horrifying” exclusion of any individual who does not identify as a male or female. In short, the crowd went troppo:  

Leading the backlash, Transgender Victoria executive director Sally Goldner has used recent episodes of her show on community radio station 3CR to criticise the event and the general handling of $30 million-plus project, which she described as the “Victorian Corporate Gay and Lesbian Centre”.

Ms Goldner hit out at the lack of transgender representation on the nine-member board and ­accused organisers of permitting “transphobic attitudes”, “non-­binary erasure” and promoting “mental health stigma”.

Interestingly, while calling for special treatment for transgender and non-binary individuals, Goldner aired her disgust at the special treatment which other genres of the LGBTI lobby received.

She also expressed concerns over revelations that lesbian ­advocacy organisation Matrix Guild had requested a “safe space” within the Pride Centre for biological women only.

“That’s instantly transphobic language,” Ms Goldner said. “If an organisation has a bad track ­record on diversity, they shouldn’t have a place in the Pride Centre.”

In response to the criticism of Goldner and many others, the Pride Centre issued an apology:

“We apologise for any insensitivity on our part, and any upset participants experienced,” it posted. “We apologise for not using appropriate forms of address. We are ­familiar with the Victorian government’s inclusive language guide and will use this ... for framing all future communications.”

However ridiculous, the sad reality of the situation remains. The progressive left, which so ardently demands that the silent majority obey its inclusive language mandates, can’t even abide by its own principles because all of the new “rules” are so confusing and convoluted, that no one can be expected to avoid all the ways in which they may or may not offend someone. 

The ‘Pride Centre’, intended to be one of the biggest brick-and-mortar LGBTI establishments in Australia, is already ‘misgendering’ their own from the outset. Yet, over in places like New York and California in the United States, people can be fined thousands of dollars if they use the wrong "pronouns".

Why should we, the silent majority, be expected to abide by these ‘inclusive language guides’, when their own creators are unable to do so? It is almost too ridiculous to believe. 

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