LGBTI “Rights” Take Precedence Over Women’s Safety

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBTI-Rights-Take-Precedence-Over-Women-Safety.jpgCanada legalised same-sex marriage more than a decade ago, and the consequences of removing the importance of gender from the law continues to be felt by ordinary citizens, including Canada’s most vulnerable.

A recent case in Okanagan, Canada, demonstrates how the institution of the LGBTI “rights” results in negative consequences for all, especially vulnerable women. 

Earlier this month, Blaine and Tracy, two women staying at a Kelowna women’s shelter, expressed their concern about Tracy’s new roommate, a transgender woman. The transgender individual, although identifying as a female, had not undergone transitional surgery. Both women felt unsafe with this scenario, especially since the individual was the only male in an all-woman facility, including staff. What is more, many of the women were in the shelter because they were fleeing abusive men. 

During an interview with the Global News, Tracy relates:

“He wants to become a woman, I mean that is his choice but when a man comes into a women’s shelter who still has a penis and genitals he has more rights than we do.”

However, despite relaying her obvious discomfort to those running the facility, Tracy was ignored.

“They told me, sorry if a person identifies themselves with female, then we have to go with that.”

In the same interview, Blaine also addresses the matter, explaining that due her difficult past and her recent abusive relationship, the situation is quite distressing.

“Some women have had bad experiences with men so they are fleeing men and now we have a man living there.”

Upon learning that Blaine and Tracy spoke to the media about the situation, the shelter asked the two women to leave. They did so on grounds that they broke the “confidentiality agreement” which was supposed to be upheld for the safety of all the clients. However, in throwing these two women out, the shelter has done nothing to live up to their own code.

The shelter, run by NOW Canada, refused to speak on the matter, but did release the statement regarding the issue, seemingly confirming that the shelter’s hands were tied by anti-discrimination laws:

“NOW Canada cannot speak to specific cases. It is against the law to discriminate against transgender individuals. NOW Canada and other shelters in Kelowna welcome people without regard to age, race, religion and gender identity.”

How is it possible that a women’s shelter can expel two vulnerable women in favour of harbouring a male? How is it that such an institution can claim to have its clients’ best interests and safety at heart, and then send two of their clients to live on the street?

Giving in to the LGBTI agenda is not isolated in its effect. Shielded by the overarching power of identity politics, it has not only attacked the silent majority, but it has moved on to put vulnerable people at risk. As we watch incidents such as this unfold in countries that have openly bowed to the pressure of the LGBTI agenda, we need to ask ourselves if legalising same-sex marriage is really what we want for Australia.

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