Dear Local Councils: forgo the fruity issues

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Local-Councils.jpgWhen your list of politically correct causes starts causing “property problems” – i.e., running out space for flagpoles – that is a strong indication that your PC regime has crossed the line and gone far beyond ridiculous. Moreland Council, which recently flew the rainbow flag outside its town hall, needs such a self-assessment. 

In a case of art imitating life, the council has run out of room on the existing flagpoles to fly all the flags it wants.

Existing flags are being crowded out by other flags relating to issues that have nothing to do with local council responsibilities.  

Columnist Rita Panahi wrote that councils should stick to the issues with which they have been tasked ­­– not busy themselves with ‘global politics’: 

The only matters that councils should be concerned with are collecting the rubbish, fixing potholes, running the local library and doing their best to keep rates low.

Global and national policy discussions are not matters for local government regardless of how interesting they are to bored councillors.

We already have two other tiers of government for the “big” stuff; those elected to council need to respect the scope of their duties and just stick to the job at hand, which in no way includes speculation about global or international affairs.

Radio commentator Matthew Elliott noted that while Moreland Council apparently has the time and resources to debate global and national politics, its constituents are still being slugged with unusually high garbage collection fees.

If you want to succeed in local government, all you need do is focus on the basics: roads, rubbish and rates.

It’s time councils stopped wasting our money and focused instead on the basic services ratepayers rightly demand.

Instead of meddling with issues of global and national politics such as the debate on same-sex marriage – which is already taking up too much political time and attention at other levels of government – councils should focus on the issues that are actually tasked to them, and which might actually be of benefit their constituents.

There are endless lists of political causes for which Moreland Council could fly flags, but then it would probably need its ratepayers to fund the purchase and installation of an endless supply of flagpoles! If Australia doesn’t cull the radical agendas plaguing local councils with pet ‘issues,’ where will the madness end? 

Local councils have specific responsibilities to their communities, and it is important to put their citizens’ needs first. There is no need to waste local councils’ time and resources on fruity ‘issues’. Take care of the garbage waste rates – stop wasting money on bloody flagpoles.

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