Madrid Bans Bus: Takes Sides in the Transgender Debate

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Madrid-Bans-Bus.jpgIn Madrid, Spain, the silent majority is experiencing radical discrimination as the government caters to LGBTI activists. Madrid’s government has given preference to pro-transgender ads while sending creators of a counter-campaign to court.

A pro-transgender ad campaign promoted a graphic sketch of boys and girls, running through a field naked, each having the genitalia of the opposite sex. The words underneath read: “There are girls with penises and boys with vulvas. It’s as simple as that.”

The ad was placed on the side of buses, bus stops, signs, buildings… and nobody said a word. There was no firestorm on social media, nor was the issue taken to court due to hate speech.

This wasn’t the case for an NGO’s attempt to counter this prolific pro-transgender ad campaign.

Hazte Oir (“Make Yourself Heard”) created a simple counter-campaign, in the form of a bright orange bus with a message painted on the side, mirroring the language of the original campaign,: “Boys have penises, girls have vulvas. Do not be fooled.” The bus drove through Madrid, promoting a booklet for parents that warned them of the gender ideology which is permeating Spain’s schools.

But Make Yourself Heard’s simple counter-campaign has been met with the intolerance and threats of violence which too often characterises those pushing gender ideology. According to an article on LifeSite News:

The message has caused a firestorm on social media. Those behind the campaign have received numerous violent threats, including against their lives, as an audio recording of one message left on the Hazte Oir's voice mail shows. People have also threatened arson and assault, while other threats are too graphic to include in this article.

But it didn’t stop there:

By Tuesday, the local government of Madrid issued a resolution against the bus, and by Wednesday, without obtaining a court order, the bus was detained by police acting on the mayor's order and prevented from leaving its parking space. In a coordinated effort, the district attorneys formally announced that it would seek to impose a four-year sentence on those responsible for the bus based on hate speech crimes.

Despite the strong statements portrayed on the bus, the Make Yourself Heard message was not even close to being as offensive as the campaign which they were countering, which included sketches of naked children.

In an interview with BBC, Ignacio Arsuga, President of Make Yourself Heard, voiced his disappointment:

"The Madrid City Council kidnapped the bus this morning, with no legal order from any court. This is illegal, and our lawyers are preparing a complaint so that our right to freedom of expression is restored," Mr Arsuaga said.

"We are going to appeal this unjust decision and file a criminal case against the extreme-left Madrid mayor."

Regardless of the heavy attack they are receiving from the LGBTI groups in Spain, Make Yourself Heard refuses to let any form of discrimination hold them back. In fact, in the next few weeks they plan to visit up to nine Spanish cities, and are presently looking into getting another bus. 

However, despite the optimism of Make Yourself Heard, this situation in Spain represents a much greater problem. Basic freedoms, such as free speech, are at risk of being overrun by identity politics when the government caters to pressure from the LGBTI lobby. This is the future in any country if people do not stand up for their beliefs.

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