Mia Freedman: A New Figurehead of Leftist Hypocrisy?

Marriage-Alliance-Hypocrisy-Left.pngMia Freedman is an avid LGBTI activist, a darling of the Left and an acclaimed proponent of ‘tolerance’. She has unabashedly shouted down the marriage plebiscite for its potential to become a platform for homophobia and hate speech, posting statements such as the following: 

Here’s what I hate about the idea of a plebiscite on same-sex marriage… The thought that LGBTI Australians will have to endure a government funded campaign by homophobes masquerading as ‘traditionalists’ who will use words like “unnatural” and “won’t someone think of the children” to stoke fear and hatred in our community.

Despite her self-acclaimed crusade for overarching tolerance, Freedman is far from open-minded herself, standing as an illustration of Leftist hypocrisy. It turns out that the only people in the LGBTI community she tolerates are those who agree with her.

Josh Manuatu, who is also gay, is an author and a staffer for Senator Eric Abetz. He appeared on a recent episode of ABC’s Four Corners, saying that he did not want the definition of marriage to be changed. While he was prepared for an angry response from the SJWs on Twitter, he did not expect to be denigrated disparaged by the likes of Freedman, who espouse ‘tolerance’ as the ultimate virtue.

For someone who so forcefully expresses her fear of bigotry and homophobia, this is quite out of line. In a compelling piece in The Spectator Australia, Manuatu discusses how he felt after googling the definition of ‘internalised homophobia’:

A simple Google search reveals that internalised homophobia is a condition where someone suffers self-loathing or self-hatred on the basis of their sexuality.

He goes on:

Freedman’s statements give an insight into the mind of one of the leaders of the lefty lynch mob. Firstly, the fact that the only way she could rationalise someone bit agreeing with her and saying that they’re gay and don’t support same-sex marriage was to immediately smear them by alleging they are suffering from self-hatred. Her view that support for traditional marriage as of necessity must somehow mean homophobia is part of the approach of the left in seeking to shout down opponents.

As much as Freedman might dislike it, gay people come from all walks of life – including conservatives and political staffers. To suggest that my sexuality should dictate where I work or the public policy positions I should hold are completely inconsistent with her constant hectoring of others about “tolerance”.

Freedman’s tweet is a perfect example of the Leftist mindset. First of all, she blatantly ignores her acclaimed ‘principles’ and commits the very crime she decries. But she also contributes to the platform of ‘fear and hatred’ that she uses as reason to reject a plebiscite. Furthermore, Freedman falls prey to the stereotyping and blind hatred for which she blames traditional marriage supporters, automatically assuming that support for traditional marriage equates to homophobia.

Sadly, Mia Freedman is joined by others on the Left in name calling. Manuatu explains:

Sadly, Freedman isn’t alone in her hypocrisy – albeit there are varying degrees. Journalists like Mark Di Stefano from Buzz Feed and Josh Taylor from Crikey on Twitter can never bring themselves to use my name and instead have referred to me on Twitter as “Abetz’s gay staffer”. 

The willingness of the Left to so quickly dehumanise and silence those who disagree with them is alarming. Their tolerance brigade is systematically eliminating basic freedoms in the name of their own definition of freedom. And when that happens, none of our freedoms are safe. 

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