More Consequences: Children’s “Transgendered” Storytime and Gender-neutral Bathrooms

young-children-subjected-safeschools-program-MA.jpgThe latest attack of the progressive agenda on our children is a drive to incorporate transgender “literature” and gender neutral bathrooms into children’s primary education programs. 

The Australian reports on two related incidents that seek to bludgeon children’s sensibilities to gender, natural sensibilities that are derived from basic biology:

Children as young as five have been used for storytime sessions featuring books with transgender characters, introducing concepts ranging from cross-dressing to gender reassignment surgery, as part of a university study being used to advocate for the expansion of the Safe Schools program into primary schools.

A Flinders University research team has recommended the ­gender-diversity program, the curriculum of which is designed for Years 7 and 8, be rolled out to South Australian primary schools, despite a report acknowledging many of the students who participated in the study had struggled to understand some of the narratives.

As part of the research project, funded by Flinders University and the Australian Research Council, six picture books featuring transgender characters were read to prep and grade one students over five sessions. One of the books, My New Daddy, written by transgender author and LGBTI rights advocate Lilly Mossiano, follows the tale of a young boy who is told by his mother that “nature made a mistake” and “she should’ve been born a boy like him”.

Following this initiative, Flinders University academics began strengthening their call for gender neutral-toilets to be incorporated into all state schools:

Authors Clare Bartholomaeus, Damien Riggs and Yarrow ­Andrew have also called for resources about gender diversity, such as picture books, to be made available to preschool, primary and secondary students, as well as other measures to help schools “create inclusive whole school cultures”.

They recommend South Australia’s Education Department, which approved and organised their study, redesign toilets on all education sites as they are upgraded or newly built to better support gender diversity.

safeschools-bathroom-conundrum-MA.jpgGender-neutral toilets are not common in Australian schools, but are being introduced in universities. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill yesterday voiced support for a primary school expansion of the Safe Schools program, while deflecting questions on whether five was too young for children to understand gender transitioning.

Also reported by The Australian, Simon Birmingham, the Federal Education Minister claimed that parental permission had been obtained from the students involved, yet a university spokeswoman declined to provide a copy of the consent form.

Schools are meant to educate children by fostering an environment where children can learn through asking questions and seeking answers. No political agenda should be favoured in a state school, and when it comes to such critical issues as gender and sexual orientation, it is the rights of the parents that come first, not the state’s, not the school’s, and certainly not those of any one agenda.

Australians must be given all the facts up front about the LGBTI progressive agenda: progressives want to overhaul, subvert, and control all aspects of society. They know what they want the future to be, so they go after it with full force: our children. These occurrences are only a continuation of the progressive agenda’s assault on the family.

Same-sex marriage and gender ideology are just the tip of the iceberg. If marriage is stripped of its value, Pandora’s box of progressive ideals will be fully unleashed, and it is our children who will pay the price. 


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