Mum moves house to avoid gender ideology at local school

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-School-Confuse-Children.jpgParents are desperate to protect their children from harmful and confusing gender ideologies in their schools. 

A young mother cited the difficulties they had in their son’s public school, saying that they moved to the Central Coast in order for him to attend a private school instead:

We’ve found a really good private school up here, without all the gender stuff in the classroom. At Camden my son in kindergarten was being read books where the prince dresses up as a girl. Whenever the teacher was out of the room, the boy sitting next to him, who has two mothers, tried to kiss him on the lips. My son was six years old, so how can anyone put up with that garbage?

She is not alone; in fact, she is just one of many parents who are fed up with schools being used to indoctrinate, instead of educate, their children. As Mark Latham articulated:

They know that Labor and the Greens are a lost cause and the Liberal/National Parties have been ineffective in stopping the leftist takeover of institutions. They know the best way of dealing with the problem is to get their children into better schools, leaving the dangerously PC public system behind. They know, as their kids get older, they have to teach them strength and resilience, ignoring the snowflake safe-space culture of Australian universities.

These individuals don’t want educational bureaucrats beholden to special interest groups dictating what their children should learn; they just want their roads paved and their kids to get a decent education. But they’ve seen how the disinterested politicians have thrown them under the bus, and they’re fighting back.

These parents won’t be ignored for much longer.  The recent marriage campaign has alerted them to the insidious programs that were going on in their schools without their knowledge or permission.  And regular Aussie mums and dads are fighting back.

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