Mummy blogger warns: this is your last and only chance

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16th October 2017

The Mummy blogger whose impassioned plea to parents about the controversial Safe Schools program has been viewed more than 4.5 million times is urging parents to say ‘no’ to radical LGBTIQ sex education in schools and ‘no’ to gay marriage in the latest Coalition for Marriage television ad.

Ms Rancie became a voice for concerned parents and grandparents everywhere after voicing her outrage online at how the so called ‘Safe Schools’ program had infiltrated Victorian schools without parental knowledge or consent.

She joins “warrior mums” Cella White, Dr Pansy Lai and Heidi McIvor in trying to ensure Australian parents know the real impact of radical LGBTIQ sex education.

“We are just thrilled that Marijke has decided to join the campaign,” said Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman, Sophie York.

“Just like so many others we hear from every day, Marijke is a mum who is concerned about how same-sex marriage will affect her family.

“Through her own research into these programs, Marijke saw that a change to the marriage law will see radical LGBTIQ sex and gender programs pushed into the classrooms, exactly as it has in other countries, and she wanted to warn other parents.

“The response to Marijke has been overwhelming,” Ms York said.

Ms Rancie said that she hadn’t anticipated being part of the marriage campaign.

“When I posted my first video about so called ‘Safe Schools’, I didn’t intend to get involved in the marriage debate. I didn’t realise how connected a change in marriage law was to radical LGBTIQ sex and gender theory programs,” she said.

“Once you write gender theory into the law, of course if comes into the classroom because when laws change, things happen and in the case of a change in marriage law, gender theory becomes mainstreamed.

“Australian parents have a right to know how a change in the marriage law will affect what their kids are taught at school. The education departments won’t tell them. Those lobbying for change won’t tell them.

“People haven’t been completely honest. Just like Safe Schools, so-called “marriage equality” is a deceptive piece of political marketing,

“So, I’m saying ‘no.’ I’m putting my kids first, and I want to tell other warrior mums and dads out there that it’s okay to say ‘no,’ Ms Rancie concluded.


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