New children’s books promote gender transitioning to help Australia “get educated”

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Gender-Transition-Book.jpgIf transgender advocates have their way, the Lucy Star book series, which launches this week, will be available in schools and libraries everywhere. Penned by Kate Downey, the books follow a boy who decides he wants to be a girl, following him at different stages of his transition- ages 7, 13, and 18.

The author’s goal is to “educate” Australia. She said of the books: 

These books are really hopefully going to be a resource for not just children but adults and teachers and parents… Fear dissipates, and ignorance dissipates, once you become familiar with a group or a community and get educated.

Once you “get educated?” The author arrogantly assumes those, including medical professionals, who have grave concerns about encouraging children to take life-altering hormones are ignorant and fearful …

The wonder of the books is also being trumpeted by Associate Professor Michelle Telfer, Director of the Gender Service at Royal Children’s Hospital:

I think it will be a fabulous resource to have in schools and one that would be great to have in public libraries, book shops and we would also be recommending it to our patients as a resource.

Its different to the existing literature that is available and takes a more everyday look (at the experience and addresses the changeover time which is lovely and easily accessible.)

The advocacy by the Royal Children’s Hospital for more of these resources in the classroom is alarming, given that since the Safe Schools program was introduced in Victoria, it has seen a 40x increase in referrals to its Gender Clinic.

The books contain typical LGBT dogma: in Lucy Star at 7, Lucy is bullied at school for wearing a dress, but changes schools and is happy after classmates “accept her for who she really is.” Lucy Star at 13 takes a darker turn, with Lucy talking about the anxiety and depression she experiences before starting hormone therapy, and how she might have killed herself otherwise.

By telling little boys that is it ok to wear dresses and advocating for hormone therapy at a young age, these books will do more harm them good to the children of Australia. Our schools and libraries should be suppling our children with classic literature, not these sub-par books spouting LGBT ideology.

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