New York’s new anti-discrimination law attacks religious freedom

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Religious-Freedom-New-York.jpgThe Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has signed an executive order mandating that, as of 1 May, the state is forbidden from “entering into contracts with entities that have institutional policies or practices that fail to address the harassment and discrimination of individuals on the basis of their gender identity, transgender status, gender dysphoria or any of the other protected classes...” This order not only encompasses money-making institutions, but also schools who will not embrace ideological gender doctrines.

In an article covering the new legislation, CNA reports that schools which are deemed to “refuse to protect transgender students” will not be eligible for state funding.

This amounts to the use of financial pressure to force faith-based institutions to abandon their beliefs and commit to the LGBTI agenda. 

One of the directors of the Archdiocese of New York, Ed Mechmann, responded to the situation saying that “the Governor's new order is rooted in animosity towards religious freedom.”

There’s no arguing that this movement will impact the religious freedom of thousands of faith-based institutions that refuse to pander to the LGBT agenda. The order will also result in dangerous economic consequences.

New York is suffering from major economic backslide, with a skyrocketing unemployment rate and one of the highest percentages of out-migration in the United States. But instead of tending to the problems within his own state, Governor Cuomo has done what too many Australian politicians have also done: focus on the wishes of a small but vocal minority while ignoring the issues confronting a majority of constituents.

Cases like these stand as proof that the “No” vote was right. The LGBT agenda will not just effect those who choose to identify with its rainbow flag. In Australia, like the United States, we must work to stop gender ideology from permeating the very core of our structure: the economy, society, the political realm, the educational system, and much, much more.

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