Don’t support ‘marriage equality’? Then you’re dumb

For a movement that claims on its website to campaign for “respect, dignity and love,” ‘Yes’ vote supporters sure don’t exemplify that.

Throughout the marriage campaign, the ‘Yes’ campaigners have been telling ordinary Australians that they are morally superior to ‘No’ voters, arguing that restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples is unfair (even though equal rights for same-sex and heterosexual couples have already been legalised). Now, these ‘Yes’ voters are suggesting that they are intellectually superior to ‘No’ supporters as well. At least, according to this academic:

 …Australia’s postal plebiscite is a clash between high-level intellects who favour “marriage equality” and low-level intellects who don’t. The tragedy is that those stupid people could win.  

Such, at least, is the argument presented in The Conversation by Francisco Perales, a senior research fellow at the University of Queensland: “there is a strong and statistically significant association between higher cognitive ability and a greater likelihood to support equal rights between same- and different-sex couples.”

Dr Perales’ conclusion is based on tests from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey - which focuses on gathering information about economic factors for Australians, not cognitive abilities. Nonetheless, Dr Perales believes the information is viable enough to conclude that the reason people oppose same-sex marriage is because they are “dumb”:

... the results suggest that, on average, people who stand against equal rights for same-sex couples are less likely to have cognitive resources that are important to participating in meaningful debate.

These may include the ability to: engage in abstract thinking and process complex chains of ideas; separate arguments based on facts from unfounded ones; not feel threatened by changes in the status quo; and critically engage with new or diverse viewpoints.

It is funny: the ‘No’ campaign has been constantly publishing facts, examples, and first-person testimonials about the actual effects redefining marriage has on a country and its citizens.

The ‘Yes’ campaign has been adamantly campaigning on “love” and “equality”. However, they haven’t brought forward any proof that same-sex and heterosexual couples have different legal rights, and have preferred emotional arguments instead of engaging with the ‘No’ campaign on rational, evidence-based arguments.

While the ‘Yes’ campaign continues to alienate and insult Australian voters, the Coalition for Marriage continues to engage with grassroots voters, helping to spread the truth about the consequences of redefining marriage for education and freedoms – not calling people “dumb” for disagreeing with a viewpoint.

The Australian people are becoming increasingly tired of being told what to think by self-proclaimed elitists, and are responding accordingly. Thus, we see support for the ‘Yes’ vote dropping with each passing day. It begs this question: if this is what the ‘Yes’ campaign defines as treating others with “respect, dignity and love,” what would they do if they achieve their ‘Yes’ vote?

One thing is for sure: if a ‘Yes’ vote prevails, Australian citizens will experience far worse than being called “dumb.” 

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