No Respite from Safe Schools

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-No-Respite-Safe-Schools_.jpgNo one, not even Safe School activists, can deny that the insidious program is a campaign for LGBTI indoctrination. Even with significant progress made in scrapping the program, Safe Schools continues to threaten our children. 

In South Australia, the Safe Schools program will be continued, after its curriculum undergoes “revisions” to give it a “refresh”. It is a loaded announcement, which implicitly confirms that the SA Government both recognises that the program is fundamentally flawed, but still refuses to scrap the indoctrination campaign.

As The Advertiser revealed, the “new” program is in essence, the old program with a few “tweaks,” including a deceptive name change:

[T]he [Safe Schools] program’s name could change in SA and it will shift focus to training teachers to better handle issues faced by same-sex attracted or transgender students, rather than putting students through specific lesson plans. Schools will be able to opt in to the new program and principals must seek the approval of parents.

It will be run by sexual health organisation SHine SA.

Lesson plans used in the Federal Government program will not be kept for the revised version. Instead, teachers and principals at schools which choose to take part will be trained to respond to issues faced by LGBTI students and create safe environments at their schools. Parental consent will be needed for individual students to participate in presentations or activities.

First, it is a major, crucial step that parental consent provisions are being implemented, but if the name is changed, parents might not be aware that the “new” anti-bullying program they are being asked to sign up to is actually Safe Schools in sheep’s clothing.

Second, the organisation SHine SA was behind the original Safe Schools program. Given how Shine SA have shocking form in this area – running programs from La Trobe over many years with similar level of explicitness and obfuscation to Safe Schools – parents should be alarmed at further contracts being given to SHineSA. When it comes down to it, how different are they really going to make this “refreshed” Safe Schools? It is almost guaranteed that what they will produce will be nothing more than a sheep in wolves clothing – the Safe Schools program will continue in disguise.

Third, The Advertiser was informed that “Lesson plans used in the Federal Government program will not be kept for the revised version”. That is a direct contradiction to what sources told The Australian (emphasis added):

South Australian Education Minister Susan Close said the revised­ program would cost the state about $300,000 a year and be delivered by sexual health ­organisation SHine SA.

Federal funding for the program ends next month after a ­review of the material more than a year ago found lesson plans ­focused too much on inapprop­riate issues around sexuality and gender.

Dr Close told The Australian yesterday the state government may not have to rewrite the program, given it was separately funding it, and so may be able to use existing resources.

Given the two conflicting reports, is there anything we know about the actual content of the new program? Are parents, with their newly-bestowed “right” to consent, going to be given the information they need to make that decision? In short, no: the activists behind Safe Schools are keeping us from knowing what they are actually constructing, pretending to release information that is in reality wishy-washy, contorted “truths”.

What we are seeing is akin to the Victorian government bringing things in-house. A comprehensive, genuine anti-bullying program is an admirable project that we should support in our schools – but this is not at all what Safe Schools represents.

We need to remain vigilant. This “refresh” project for Safe Schools is nothing more than the LGBTI lobby’s latest campaign to infiltrate our schools in order to indoctrinate our children. Despite the public recognition (and admissions) that Safe Schools is toxic in both essence and name, we are still not in the clear. Until we abolish the program once and for all, there will be no respite from Safe Schools. 

Make your voice heard: sign the petition to end Safe Schools once and for all!

Stay vigilant! Know the truth about what Safe Schools really teaches.

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