Northern Territory government quietly funds Safe Schools

The Northern Territory government has been discreetly funding the Safe Schools program in over 150 public schools… without parents’ knowledge or consent.

According to the Weekend Australian, mere months after the federal government withdrew support from the program, the NT Department of Education reached out to all government-run schools in the state, informing staff that the program was to continue:

The Northern Territory government has quietly taken over funding for the contentious Safe Schools program, advising principals they would have ongoing access to training and resources to protect same-sex-attracted and transgender students from bullying.

A spokesman for the NT department confirmed it had assumed responsibility for the program “to ensure staff are well-equipped with the skills needed to create safe environments for all students, free from bullying”. It would be funded from the existing budget for professional development. Membership was not compulsory and it was up to each school to decide how it would use the resources.

If there was nothing to hide, why did the Northern Territory government have to “quietly” take over funding?  And with so many examples of Safe Schools materials being used to promote gender ideology, why leave it up to the individual schools to decide how to use the materials?

School leadership in the Northern Territory is already sending teachers and staff members who are unacquainted with the Safe Schools program to training sessions on topics such as how to ‘de-gender’ classes and to ‘support’ LGBT students:

It is understood more than 100 school principals have expressed some degree of interest in professional development to support the implementation of the program, and more than 20 have so far sent staff to training sessions.

Training was conducted late last year by the Principals Australia Institute, which has offices in Melbourne and Adelaide, but it said yesterday that its involvement had ended.

However, although leadership, teachers and staff were conscientiously informed of these developments, there is no mention that NT parents were given the same courtesy, even though the decision directly impacts their children. 

This subversive manner in which the Safe Schools program was re-implemented by the state is a valid cause of concern for parents. If the Northern Territory doesn’t want parents to know what their children are learning, it leads one to wonder what questionable material is being taught.

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