Other Programs Similar to Safe Schools

Parents need to be aware that Safe Schools is not the only programme which is being pushed into children’s schools without their knowledge or consent. There are other programmes based on the same gender ideology as Safe Schools which are infiltrating schools.

Resources which were in NSW schools until revealed by the media include the Do Opposites Really Attract? toolkit from the NSW Department of Education. So subversive was its inclusion that the NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, did not even know that it had been implemented in NSW schools.


(Image: The Genderbread Person v2.0, Do Opposites Really Attract?, NSW Department of Education)

In one alarming activity, students are asked to determine the sexuality of various characters, and invited to think of sexuality as existing on a spectrum, like temperature. Parents have a right to be angry, particularly after realising that the scenarios below would be presented to their children.

Read the rest of the disturbing resource here.


(Image: Do Opposites Really Attract?, NSW Department of Education)

This resource is part of the Marriage Alliance Safe Schools Information Kit.

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