Our new TV ad and some fantastic news!

By Damian Wyld 

A few weeks ago, supporters like you helped us reach a big fundraising target in a very short amount of time.

The response was overwhelming — and the successful result helped the overall campaign effort reach millions more Australians with our message.

Since then, the Coalition for Marriage (of which Marriage Alliance is an integral part) has released several new TV ads, undertaken launches all over the country, and added significantly to its field campaign infrastructure.

We’re tracking well, but we need to be mindful that this is a very long campaign — much longer than a normal state or federal election campaign. It still has weeks left to run since many of our fellow Aussies are yet to vote.

We will be working non-stop till the finish line, but to get there, we need your continued support.

Just this week alone, Marriage Alliance needs to set a minimum fundraising target of $400,000.

It’s ambitious, but we really need to do it: these funds will be vital to key campaign elements, such as helping to get more TV airtime, and continuing to boost our field presence.

We must chase every single vote.

Knowing our critical need — and seeing what we were able to achieve with your help last time — another generous benefactor has stepped forward and pledged half our target already!

Let me restate that: a donor will contribute half of our $400,000 target this week if we can match the rest.

As you can imagine, our team is pretty excited by this!

Can you chip in $100, $250, $500 or any other amount to help us reach this goal?

I’m humbled by our supporters’ generosity.

Marriage Alliance has more than DOUBLED its supporter base in the last eight months — but the growth in financial support has exceeded that figure multiple times over. (And thank goodness, because we’ve needed every cent to keep up this marriage campaign).

Supporters like you don't just understand what’s at stake if we lose this vote — you also understand the odds we face.

We don’t have governments and local councils funding us, or industry bodies, sporting codes and big multinational corporations falling over themselves to demonstrate their politically correct credentials.

It’s astonishing then that in the face of all this we’ve mounted such a highly effective campaign. We know that since this campaign started, millions of Australians have changed their mind, and are now supporters of the ‘no’ campaign.

This didn’t happen by accident: it is a direct effect of our community finally starting to discuss consequences.

We still have catching up to do, but when so much hinges on encouraging people to exercise their voluntary vote, anything could happen — hence the need for us to keep going.

Will you click here to help us reach our target and keep the positive momentum going?

I mentioned more TV ads earlier. One of the reasons we need your support this week is to get our new, much longer advert about consequences on TV.

You can view the new, longer TV ad online by clicking here.


I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s compelling viewing — and that we must get it on the air.

Adverts don’t come cheap at the best of times, much less longer ones like this, so you can see why we really do need your support.

Meeting our substantial fundraising goal – $400,000 this week – will help us do this and more.

We’re running a marathon — it’s true. But as we get closer to the finish line, we need your help more than ever.

Please click here and give generously.

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