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This year at Marriage Alliance, we have been focused on defending the dignity of marriage and consequently, your freedoms. So much of our success this year is due to all your support, from sharing your perspective on our site, to engaging with us on our social channels.

With all the incredible accomplishments and events that took place over the year, we would like to highlight our most popular stories of 2016, which are a direct reflection of your input, and the written voice of the silent majority:

1. ‘Children of Same-Sex Parents Speak Out’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Top-News4.jpgChildren of same-sex couples are ‘coming out’, and not in favour of their ‘parents’. One specific woman has been making headlines as she exposes the true, negative effects of growing up without a father, and how these consequences have impacted her life.

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2. ‘Safe Schools Information Kit’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Top-News2.jpgWhile it may seem hard to believe, the Safe Schools program is a result of what happens when marriage is redefined. To shed light on why Safe Schools is so dangerous, we compiled a list of resources that relate true experiences of Australian citizens who found out exactly what Safe Schools real goals are: to indoctrinate children with gender ideology, and to subvert parental rights.

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3. ‘ABC Defines Margaret Court by Her Personal Beliefs’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Top-News3.jpgDon’t be fooled: our personal freedoms are under attack, not only from the government, but also from the media. A clear example of this came a few months ago: when tennis superstar Margaret Court expressed her strongly held beliefs in part of her autobiography, the media completely ignored her extraordinary sporting achievements and instead, targeted her for her beliefs.

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4. ‘Canada: Redefining Marriage Wasn’t Enough’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Top-News1.jpgIn Canada, children are being denied the right to know who their mother and father are by a law which dictates that such things do not – and must not – matter to a child. The country is pushing to make the role of a mum and dad in a child’s life inconsequential, replacing the words “mother” and “father” from birth certificates with up to four non-gendered “parents”. Yet another consequence of same-sex marriage.

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5. ‘Don’t Be Fooled: Redefining Marriage Directly Affect Fundamental Freedoms’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Top-News5.jpgThe consequences of redefining marriage impact more areas of life than we may initially imagine. One such area pertains to all Australians, irrespective of where they stand on the marriage issue: freedom of speech. As an example, publisher Connor Court Press was told by the commercial printer that they refused to print a book by Dr David Van Gend – because it argued against “marriage equality”.

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Throughout 2016, these articles illustrated the concerns of the silent majority. As we start 2017, we must remain vigilant in fighting the inherent threats to the definition of marriage, and by extension, the threats to our freedom. If we are able to remain united as we address the issues presented in these posts, there is hope for a bright future for Australia. 

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