Parental Permission Required for Their Children’s Sexual Education? Not in Canberra

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Parental-Permission-Required-Children-Sexual-Education-Canberra.jpgAlthough gender ideologists already have their agenda forced into the education system and pushed onto children, they are never appeased. Now, Canberra is taking an even more drastic approach to promulgating gender ideology: they are separating from Safe Schools, in favour of instigating their own gender and sexual education program – all without requiring any parental consent.

Following a review into Safe Schools curriculum, Safe Schools received the recommendation to develop guidelines for parental consultation, to remove some of the activities, and to limit the amount of resources available to high school students. The founders of the Safe Schools program did nothing to hide their contempt at the idea of parental rights, suggesting that concerned parents should be told: “Tough luck!”   

Of a similar mind, the ACT decided that it was not interested in parental consent. Hence, a new program is being designed which does not require parental permission to direct children to explicit material.

As reported by the Canberra Times

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT has signed a contract with the Education Directorate to develop the territory-specific program aimed at replacing the support provided by the Safe Schools Coalition.

The split from the national Safe Schools program followed federal government-led changes to the initiative which required parental permission for schools to point students to requested resources. There were concerns some children may shy away from asking for help if it could not be confidential. 

While it is not a part of the Safe Schools Program, the ACT’s tailor-made gender curriculum promises to be similar to the materials pushed by the controversial program:

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT executive director Tim Bavinton said the organisation would draw on its knowledge as head of Safe Schools Coalition ACT to develop the new program.

"We will maintain connection and communication with the national Safe Schools Coalition program but we won't be a part of the national Safe Schools Coalition program any more," he said.

"The main things will be that we will continue to connect schools with the national resources which are publicly available on the Student Wellbeing Hub which is an Australian government website that deals with a very broad range of issues.

"We won't be shaping new curriculum resources ... but we will be looking to identify opportunities to recommend resources that have been produced elsewhere after we've done some review and consideration of how well they meet our program guidelines once they're shaped and developed."

In summary, a new program similar to, but separate from Safe Schools, will be developed for ACT schools so as to avoid the need for parental consent before providing resources on gender ideology to kids. And these materials are not harmless. Ten years ago in Victoria, 7 children sought treatment for gender dysphoria from the Royal Children’s Hospital. Safe Schools was introduced in 2010, and the number of kids seeking treatment for gender dysphoria has exploded to 250 kids annually.

Promulgating explicit, radical views about gender is an integral part of the LGBTI’s agenda. Part of the campaign to redefine marriage involves denying and silencing the truth about gender. Under the weak guise of ‘anti-bullying programs’, the LGBTI agenda can begin their brainwashing of our children in plain sight, indoctrinating children to accept their radical views without question. Once the biological truths of gender are ignored by society at large, it becomes easy for the LGBTI agenda to redefine all aspects of our society, from marriage and family to freedoms of speech and conscience. 

The ACT is brazenly disregarding parental rights, placing the State’s authority above that of the parents in the upbringing of their children. In kowtowing to the LGBTI agenda, the ACT Government has taken a stance against its citizens. Without a doubt, the State’s intervention into citizens’ personal lives will only increase if the silent majority does not defend marriage, family, and our children.

The ACT government has taken a stance against the Silent Majority. There will undoubtedly be consequences from the implementation of the new Safe Schools-esque curriculum. But there is a flipside as well: the ACT government will discover that when you usurp the rights of your citizens, there too are consequences. 

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