Parents Respond to National School Results: Enough!

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Parents-Respond.jpgA recent national comparison report revealed that Australia’s students are falling behind in math and science, and the online world is reacting:




In their own way, Australians across the country are making their views clear: they are fed up with what’s happening in our schools.  As Kevin Donnelly explained

…instead of a rigorous, academically based curriculum like in Singapore, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei, the Andrews Government is more interested in forcing the radical Marxist-inspired gender and sexuality Safe Schools program on government schools... it’s not surprising that so many students are illiterate and innumerate because of the crowded curriculum.

Yet in response to Education Minister Simon Birmingham declaring his embarrassment over the results, Aussies have used their cheek and wit to point out what they believe contributes to the decline in Australian education. If Politicians want to know what the people really think, they need not look past the comments section in any given article:

But our kids's essays on climate change and gender identity are world class, apart from the spelling and grammar. (Damien)

… This is what happens when schools go from being places of academic excellence to hotbeds of ideological indoctrination.  (Elizabeth)

Even readers of The Age, Fairfax Media’s Victorian publication which attracts a more Left-leaning readership, expressed their discontent:

The dumbing down of Australia is not a's a government policy. (Bazza)

…Get away from the ideological PC crap and maybe our kids will catch up to the rest of the world. (Bp13Coogee) 

…Perhaps the education union and the (self proclaimed) Marxists will abandon the preference for social engineering over getting back to the basics instead. (housemartinhong kong)

…This is what happens when our left-leaning educators seek to put the focus on social issues, rather than on that which will assist students to get a good job. (liklik)

Or they could take a look at Twitter:


While the report may not bring the best news, the reactions of parents across Australia reveal that they are well aware of what’s happening in their children’s schools. While tongue-in-cheek, these light-hearted comments reveal that the state of Australian education is no laughing matter.

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