Piers Morgan: ‘I Identify as a Black Woman’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Piers-Morgan.jpgThere is something oddly captivating about seeing the LGBTI lobby’s rhetoric taken to its natural conclusion. A Good Morning Britain segment with Piers Morgan demonstrates that common sense and facts have no place in radical agendas.

During an interview with ‘non-binary’ couple Fox and Owl (those are indeed their real names), Piers Morgan attempted to bring logic, rationality, and reason into the discussion. After discussing their identity and the definition of ‘non-binary’, Morgan applied the concept to himself. According to an article in the Daily Mail:

Morgan argued that if trans people have the right to define themselves as neither he or she, others should be allowed to identify with whoever they please also.

During the heated debate, Morgan said: 'If I turn round now and say ''I am a black woman.''

'If I decided to identify myself as a completely different skin colour to the one that I am that would clearly be ridiculous, right?

'But, if I did would you respect my right to identify myself how I choose?

'I'm taking your logic to its logical conclusion.' 

As is apparent from the clip, the couple did not appreciate Morgan’s approach, taking offense at the cavalier manner in which he switched his identity. But what was really terrifying was how the couple found no issue with Morgan trying to identify as an entirely different race and gender. Owl even replied:

'It doesn't really change anything about my life how another person identifies, you can identify in any way you want and that's up to you.' 

'The problem is this is a hypothetical intellectual discussion for you, but this is about our actual identity.'

What does this ‘actual identity’ mean? Are we supposed to leave our rationality at the door when it comes to discussing personal identity? Or more terrifying, are we to validate ideas based on their emotional pull, rather than simple principles of logic? This video may appear ridiculous, but it demonstrates a terrifying reality: gender ideologists truly don’t care about the facts – in their world, there is no such thing as truth. If their goals – including the redefinition of marriage, which makes marriage genderless – become a reality, then we will surely face a world of chaos. 

Watch the clip below and let us know your thoughts. Make sure you watch through to the end, where Fox speaks about his new book for children aged three and up, which introduces them to gender fluidity: 


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