Plebiscite ‘Only’ Way to Solve Same-Sex Marriage Issue Says George Brandis

Plebiscite-Solve-Marriage-Marriage_Alliance.pngAs Labor continually threatens to block a plebiscite on same-sex marriage, it is becoming more clear that the Opposition does not want the people’s voice to be heard on the issue.

George Brandis has called upon those opposed to the plebiscite to stop playing political games and to take the people’s best interests into account.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The Attorney-General has urged Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to work with the Government and resist the temptation to play politics with the issue.

"I think that if the political leaders can take the politics out of this, if Mr Shorten and the Labor Party can resist the temptation to try and use this as an opportunity to embarrass the Government, but rather ask themselves the question — how are we most likely now to progress this issue to a satisfactory conclusion," Senator Brandis said. 

"We can arrive at a common point."


"There is going to be a plebiscite and the only way that in this Parliament this issue can be progressed is through a plebiscite," Senator Brandis told Insiders.

"If it can't be done before the end of this year, it will certainly be done in the early part of next year."

Throughout the election and now in the aftermath, Labor has vigorously opposed the plebiscite, misrepresenting it as a “taxpayer funded platform for homophobia.” But in reality, by suppressing the people’s voice, Labor’s agenda actually maligns the LGBTI community, marginalising it as a group unable to have different voices heard on an issue directly affecting us all.

George Brandis is right: a plebiscite is the only way to come to a satisfactory conclusion on same-sex marriage.

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