Plebiscite Passes Through House of Representatives

Marriage-Alliace-Plebiscite-House.pngThe bill for a plebiscite on changing the Marriage Act passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday, 20 October, with a vote of 76 to 67. Many thanks to those representatives who stood by their campaign promises to allow a people’s vote. 

The bill will now head to the Senate, which resumes on November 7. However, all signs show that the bill will be voted down, with opposition led by Labor and the Greens. Encouragingly, Bill Shorten’s earlier amendment to stop the plebiscite and replace it with a free vote in Parliament lost 68 to 75.

Though the plebiscite looks dead in the water, we have not lost hope that you will be able to exercise your right to vote on this important issue. The battle has only begun: we must be ready to meet the challenges that same-sex marriage advocates are seeking to pit against your fundamental rights.

Marriage Alliance is an organisation aimed at defending your rights and freedoms. We work to bring together individuals like yourself with other like-minded people and organisations for a common cause.

We know that our opponents will not back down on their relentless attempt to see the definition of marriage changed, and so we must maintain our enthusiasm for this important cause.  We need to continue to engage and educate Australians on the consequences of changing the definition of marriage, irrespective of the political situation.  We can't let dramas in Canberra distract us! 

With your help, we will be able to maintain our ongoing campaign to defend your rights and the definition of marriage. Your support will allow us to respond quickly and effectively to the threats posed by the relentless push to change the definition of marriage.

With your past support, we have mobilised volunteers across Australia, who have distributed literature in every state and territory. We have also amplified your voice to politicians in Canberra, and united tens of thousands of petition signers who want Bill Shorten to stop playing politics with Australians’ rights.

These are just a few of our successes. With your continued support, we can sustain and expand our efforts to ensure that we keep the momentum going, and that your voice is heard.

Let’s work together to define the best future for ourselves, our families, and our community, and last but not least, ensure that your freedom is upheld and your voice is heard. 

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