Political Correctness: the Downfall of the Australian School System

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Political-Correctness-Downfall-Australian-School-System.jpgOur education system is being destroyed in order to appease the politically correct mandate of the day. We have radical ideologies forced education via programs such as Safe Schools, with the result that our children’s education has been watered-down into a political system of brainwashing.

It is not enough to dilute curriculums to satisfy the radicalised beliefs of same-sex marriage activists – now Australian schools are forced to lower curriculum standards in order to appease radical feminists. In an attempt to increase the percentage of women in STEM programs, curricular expectations have been lowered to encourage female participation – no matter whether female high school students actually want to study STEM programs.

In a piece entitled ‘Feminising’ Education Is Setting Us Up to Fail, 17-year-old high school graduate, Caleb Bond, details how Aussie schools are softening their students instead of preparing them for the real world, all in order to cater to minority agendas. He offers a firsthand perspective into this faulty system: 

The way our children are taught has been softened to encourage more girls to get involved in technology and science — now a common theme throughout our schools. Education departments around the country tell us it is imperative to get girls into the all-important science and tech sectors.

The quota system means lowering the usual standards of these subjects to attract more participants. But is equality really served by ensuring equal numbers of boys and girls in science and technology classes, or is it about allowing boys and girls to embrace the subjects that they love, or at which they excel, irrespective of the ratio of boys and girls in any particular area?

Professor of Quantum Physics, Michelle Simmons, heartily agrees with Bond’s concerns. During a one-on-one interview, she stresses the magnitudinal damage which such low standards cause:

“From the students coming to university I see little evidence that this [high school physics] has made any difference and indeed I see many students complaining that the physics curriculum has left them ill-equipped for university,” she says.

“If we want young people to be the best they can be — at anything — we must set the bar high and expect them to jump over it. My strong belief is that we need to be teaching all students — both girls and boys — to have high expectations of themselves.”

However, it is not only teachers and other authorities who have noticed the decline of the Australian school system. The issue has become so perceptible, that even students are beginning to speak out on the issue. Voicing some of the complaints of his fellow students, Bond asks:

What faith can I have in the education system, set up to make sure I have the tools to succeed in life, if it treats me as unintelligent, and mollycoddles me in a way I can’t expect in the real world?

There are no softened standards in the workforce. You’re hired and fired on the basis of your ability and record.

Before Bond concluded his thoughtful diagnosis, he suggested that maybe schools are being distracted by other agendas:

And in an era when valuable class time is being taken away to undertake the Safe Schools program and put children through assemblies celebrating gay rights, we can’t afford to water our schools down any further.

Even the students have had enough. They can tell that their education is being sold short for the sake of political ideologies, and they want it to stop.

The consequences of schools incorporating agendas such as r Safe Schools are coming to clear fruition. Instead of encouraging students to employ their full capabilities, the school system has decided to cater to the agenda à la mode. Giving preferential treatment to popular causes, this program is holding back the majority of students in order to elevate a select few chosen.

In the words of Caleb Bond: It’s a betrayal of our children and of our country’s future.

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