Politics Needs to Adjust to Reality

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Politics-Reality.pngEven when laws are passed which address past wrongs, it can be hard for those who advocate for a particular group to appreciate and accept a victory for rights unless and until the culture is changed in a way they expect would come with legal changes. Activists can look to lawmakers to put in place changes which they are really seeking from society as a whole.

But is this really the most appropriate forum?

According to Gary Johns in The Australian:

Take Labor’s national platform. There are no fewer than 45 substantial references to LGBTI rights such as de-gendering government documents, transgender public toilets, free surgery for sex reassignment, outlawing “cures” for gay people and trashing “non-compliant” religious beliefs. One observer, a Labor parliamentarian, has told me that almost all of the conference references, except for gay marriage, were passed without any discussion or debate.

Minorities, especially the LGBTI group, are not only included but are given superior status over other Aussies. It will not be acceptable to simply “live and let live,” but rather to demonstrate preferential treatment for people based on sexual orientation or gender identity, which is ironically the imbalance that the laws had sought to address.

Politicians need to face the reality of the matter. The oppressed minority spiel is no longer relevant. And worse – it’s propaganda. Not only does it divide Australia by creating a false divide between the minority versus the majority, but it consumes time and energy which could be devoted to real issues that face our country.


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