Help the marriage campaign reach every Australian!

From Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokeswoman:

With only three weeks before the mailout of marriage plebiscite ballot papers begins, we are all extremely busy here at Marriage Alliance! MA_Image_-_Coalition.jpg

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us recently to offer encouragement, financial assistance and offers of help. The team here really appreciates your kindness and enthusiasm for marriage.

I would like to remind everyone that enrolments for voting close this Thursday – so if you haven’t yet enrolled, or if you have moved house recently, please urgently do so at the Australian Electoral Commission’s website by clicking here:

As an integral component of the Coalition for Marriage, the Marriage Alliance team will be working overtime for the coming weeks and months to ensure every Australian is aware of the consequences of redefining marriage.

Whether that be the threat to our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, or the ideological gender-based programs such as “Safe Schools” that would become mandatory in every Australian school, it’s clear that same-sex marriage affects everyone.

Friends, we may not have the resources of our opponents, or the support of much of the mainstream media; but we believe that the silent majority of Australians realises the importance of family and the way man-woman marriage is foundational for our society.

The time is now, and we need your help to win this vote and win it well!

Will you contribute today to ensure the Coalition for Marriage’s campaign has the funds to reach every Australian?

Please give generously. Click here to uphold true marriage here in Australia.

Thank you for your valuable support!

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