You won't believe the reaction to our first ad

By Damian Wyld, Marriage Alliance CEO:

The last few days have caused some big ripples in the marriage debate.

First, Channel 10 was busted manufacturing fake news – photoshopping an anti-gay poster onto stock photos sourced from the internet. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, right?

Second, our initial campaign ad began airing on TV last night. It provoked an immediate attack from the usual suspects.

Watch the ad here: 


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten ignored the hard facts raised by the three brave mums in the advert, declaring the video to be “total rubbish”.

Equality campaign director Tiernan Brady called it “disgraceful and dishonest”, and accusing us of serving up a “daily dose of red-herrings and lies”.

The marriage redefinition campaign is desperate to silence any discussion about consequences – the very discussion now underway in homes around Australia.

This conversation is being had despite the elites trying to silence us, but it comes at a cost – quite literally.

In his spray against our TV ads last night, Irishman Mr Brady alleged that we had a “bucketful of cash” – an ironic comment given that the Irish same-sex marriage campaign was the beneficiary of millions of dollars of US funding.

The truth is, our TV campaign is funded by our grassroots supporters. It is funded by you – and we can only keep getting the message out with your help.

Will you donate to help us keep Coalition for Marriage ads on the air?

The Channel 10 fake news experience marks a new low in the campaign to redefine marriage. We’ve long known that we would be challenged in our attempt to discuss the real issues.

Whether it be previous rejections of our ads by TV stations – or the more recent decision of 70-odd advertising agencies to boycott our campaign – our resolve must be to redouble our efforts.

We know that free speech and freedom of religion are under threat. We know that radical gay sex education and the rollout of gender ideology are a package deal if we allow marriage to be altered.

I’m asking for your urgent help to keep our message rolling.

Please CLICK HERE to donate $100, $250, $500 or any amount you’re able to help us reach millions of Australian viewers.

I know there are other demands on your finances, but the campaign for marriage is immediate – we have to face it now – and any change will have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts.

Most importantly, with your help we can win this debate. The “equality” movement and the elites know this, which is why they tried to prevent a public vote and why they’re so keen now to stifle debate.

We must keep our message on the air. Will you help us?

P.S. — Plebiscite voting papers will start arriving in letterboxes across Australia in a fortnight. We don’t have much time! Please CLICK HERE to donate to the advert fund and invite your family and friends to pitch in too.

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