Redifining Marriage: Your Freedoms at Risk

Join Dr. Jennifer Morse and Dr. David van Gend this Friday, as they share their insights regarding the consequences of changing the definition of marriage in Australia.

Both speakers draw from decades of experience, research and study, bringing both the academic and real-world insights on this subject. They will not only inform you, but also equip you to discuss the topic from a point of strength, understanding and compassion.

Attending this conference will enable you to:

  1. Discover how to effectively direct the conversation back on topic and highlight the consequences of redefining marriage. Learn how to prevent yourself from being pushed onto a narrow topic that others have defined.
  2. Learn how to refocus the debate to the actual consequences and specific harm redefining marriage inflicts on others, including children, women and even same-sex attracted persons themselves.
  3. Become mindful of your own terminology and how best to share your viewpoints which are valid and worthy of communication. Specifically empower your conversation with conclusive evidence that contradicts the usual misunderstanding about the "gay gene", the common belief that "children aren't impacted".

RSVP today and Join us for this informative conference.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is the founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit focused on creating a Christ-like solution to the agony and injustice of family breakdown.

She has authored or co-authored four books and spoken around the globe regarding her theories on marriage, family and sexuality from a social and economic standpoint. She has engaged in debates and discussions with lawyers, professors, church prelates, elected officials and policy makers on the issues of natural marriage, humane feminism and demographic winter. Dr. Morse was a campaign spokeswoman for California's winning Proposition 8 campaign, defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

She is the author of Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village101 Tips for a Happier Marriage, (with Betsy Kerekes) and Smart Sex: Finding Life-long Love in a Hook-up World, and most recently, The Sexual Revolution and its Victims. She is also the author of numerous pamphlets and tracts, including "The Government's Duty to Marriage" and "The Socialist Attack on the Family."

Dr. Morse and her husband are parents of an adopted child, a birth child, a goddaughter and were foster parents to eight foster children.


Dr. David van Gend is a family doctor in Toowoomba. He is President of the Australian Marriage Forum and a frequent contributor to Australian debates on bioethics in newspapers, radio and television.

In the last seven years he has given expert testimony to Senate Committees against embryo experimentation, against the abortion drug RU486, in defence of pro-life pregnancy support services, against human cloning, against government funding of late-term abortion, and against euthanasia.

He is a spokesman for the Family Council of Queensland on same-sex surrogacy and gay marriage. Australian Doctor once described him as one of the country's "50 most intriguing GPs". He and his wife Jane have three sons.

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