"'Renting our wombs is the family business': Four sisters from the SAME family make £10,000 a year having babies for gay European couples in Mexico's secret surrogacy trade," Daily Mail Australia, Alasdair Baverstock

Article tells the story of four sisters in Mexico who are all acting as surrogates for same-sex couples from Europe.  They say that being a young, single mother from a poor background, the options for work were either waitressing, prostitution or surrogacy.

iStock_14320308_SMALL.jpgThe women tell the story of the difficulty they face in handing over the baby to the commissioning parents.  The practice is for the surrogate mother to breastfeed the baby for 10 days, after which she will give the baby to the intending parents.  The bond developed during pregnancy is strengthened during this time.  The mothers speak of the dread of giving away the child, of waking up in the middle of the night wondering about the baby and the need to push maternal feelings out of their mind.

The article also mentions that the women earn much less than the agencies charged.

Read the article here.

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