The following are resources that can be used to assist in our campaign to protect the definition of marriage, gender and family. The material provided below can be printed and freely distributed among your community network. Electronic copies may be forwarded via social media or uploaded to other online platforms. We ask only that users provide a link back to the Marriage Alliance website so that individuals can contact us if they wish to get involved in our campaign.

Also linked below is additional material which provides background information to the campaign concerning the legalisation of "same-sex marriage." This material will help explain to our friends, supporters, as well as those who want to understand our mission, why we’re engaging in this campaign, and why we’re opposing the proposed legislative reforms.

The campaign for "same-sex marriage" is the start of a broader campaign to reshape society on many levels, and this will have significant implications in the world of employment law, parental rights, freedom of association and speech, the nature of education in primary and secondary schools, and much more.

It's Not as Simple as You Think: 45 Sec Video

The consequences of same-sex marriage might be greater than we first imagined.  Continue reading

Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice

Socially indoctrinating young children toward accepting transgenderism is rampant today in public schools. In a recent article on The Federalist, Walt Heyer highlights risks and consequences of engaging in a social gender identity experiment with young people. Continue reading

John Howard and the Myths of the 2004 Marriage Amendments

The debates over redefining marriage in Australia have acquired in recent years some high profile “myths” which are regularly repeated. In a recent articles, Law and Religion Australia explores these myths. Continue reading

Safe Schools Information Kit

The Safe Schools programme is a government funded programme whose national convenor is The Foundation for Young Australians.  Continue reading

Is denying same sex-marriage unconstitutional?

Some argue that the current definition of marriage is a breach of the constitutional rights of same-sex couples. Therefore, is denying same-sex marriage unconstitutional? Law and Religion Australia takes an in-depth look at this issue.    Continue reading

Is Same-Sex Marriage a “Human Right”?

Is it a denial of a fundamental human right for a legal system not to extend the category of marriage to include marriage between parties of the same sex? Law and Religion Australia tackles this tough question.   Continue reading

Podcast: "Surrogacy is child trafficking," Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Ms Ekman describes herself as “a feminist, a socialist, a humanist, a Marxist and a mother.”  She says that surrogacy and prostitution are two sides of the same coin because they both separate sex and children, and are both supported by the claim that women have a right to do as they wish with their own body. Continue reading

"Affidavit of Steven Lowell Nock," Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia, Steven Nock, evaluates the scientific literature concerning the effect of legal recognition of the marriages of gay and lesbian couples cited in previous evidence before the Ontario court. Professor Nock’s book, Marriage in Men’s Lives, received an award for the most outstanding contribution to family scholarship. Continue reading

How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships?

This study presents new and extensive empirical evidence that suggests there are differences in outcomes between the children of a parent who had a same-sex relationship and children raised by their married, biological mothers and fathers. The data compares children from intact biological families to children who were raised with a parent who had same-sex relationships; and discusses how the young-adult children of a parent who has had a same-sex romantic relationships fare, on 40 different social, emotional, and relational outcome variables when compared with six other family-of-origin types. Continue reading

How ideology took over schools

Welcome to the world of gender theory. A world, as argued by the Gender Fairy story, where primary-school children can choose the gender they want to be as “only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you”. Continue reading