The following are resources that can be used to assist in our campaign to protect the definition of marriage, gender and family. The material provided below can be printed and freely distributed among your community network. Electronic copies may be forwarded via social media or uploaded to other online platforms. We ask only that users provide a link back to the Marriage Alliance website so that individuals can contact us if they wish to get involved in our campaign.

Also linked below is additional material which provides background information to the campaign concerning the legalisation of "same-sex marriage." This material will help explain to our friends, supporters, as well as those who want to understand our mission, why we’re engaging in this campaign, and why we’re opposing the proposed legislative reforms.

The campaign for "same-sex marriage" is the start of a broader campaign to reshape society on many levels, and this will have significant implications in the world of employment law, parental rights, freedom of association and speech, the nature of education in primary and secondary schools, and much more.

It's Not as Simple as You Think: 45 Sec Video

The consequences of same-sex marriage might be greater than we first imagined.  Continue reading

Research Does Not Support Puberty Blockers

As transgenderism is incorporated into the medical profession, the number of paediatric gender clinics is conversely increasing. However, these treatments are new and controversial, conducted at the risk of the child. Furthermore, recent research proves these paediatric therapies amount to little more than experimentation and are seriously detrimental to the present and future health of the patient.  Continue reading

Marriage Alliance Submission to Senate Inquiry Into Same-Sex Marriage

Marriage Alliance provided a submission to the Senate inquiry into the impact that same-sex marriage would have on freedoms and beliefs. In it, we articulate the real and serious threats to religious freedom for all Australians, and not just ministers of religion, that will take place in the event of the introduction of same-sex marriage. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Australians Deserve a Plebiscite

Why is a plebiscite the best way to move forward with the marriage debate in Australia? When it comes to something like marriage, with significant consequences that affect you and your family, you deserve to be heard. Download our document highlighting seven reasons why Australians deserve a plebiscite on marriage. Continue reading

The Ashers “Gay Cake” appeal- one of these things is not like the others

In a recent the decision, the Court of Appeal in the Northern Ireland set a dangerous and authoritarian precedent. In the decision the Court of Appeal equates the decision of Christian bakers not to supply a cake, the sole purpose of which was to bear a message which they disagreed with on religious grounds, with a decision of a business to discriminate against persons on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Continue reading

Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice

Socially indoctrinating young children toward accepting transgenderism is rampant today in public schools. In a recent article on The Federalist, Walt Heyer highlights risks and consequences of engaging in a social gender identity experiment with young people. Continue reading

John Howard and the Myths of the 2004 Marriage Amendments

The debates over redefining marriage in Australia have acquired in recent years some high profile “myths” which are regularly repeated. In a recent articles, Law and Religion Australia explores these myths. Continue reading

Safe Schools Information Kit

The Safe Schools programme is a government funded programme whose national convenor is The Foundation for Young Australians.  Continue reading

Is denying same sex-marriage unconstitutional?

Some argue that the current definition of marriage is a breach of the constitutional rights of same-sex couples. Therefore, is denying same-sex marriage unconstitutional? Law and Religion Australia takes an in-depth look at this issue.    Continue reading

Is Same-Sex Marriage a “Human Right”?

Is it a denial of a fundamental human right for a legal system not to extend the category of marriage to include marriage between parties of the same sex? Law and Religion Australia tackles this tough question.   Continue reading