The following are resources that can be used to assist in our campaign to protect the definition of marriage, gender and family. The material provided below can be printed and freely distributed among your community network. Electronic copies may be forwarded via social media or uploaded to other online platforms. We ask only that users provide a link back to the Marriage Alliance website so that individuals can contact us if they wish to get involved in our campaign.

Also linked below is additional material which provides background information to the campaign concerning the legalisation of "same-sex marriage." This material will help explain to our friends, supporters, as well as those who want to understand our mission, why we’re engaging in this campaign, and why we’re opposing the proposed legislative reforms.

The campaign for "same-sex marriage" is the start of a broader campaign to reshape society on many levels, and this will have significant implications in the world of employment law, parental rights, freedom of association and speech, the nature of education in primary and secondary schools, and much more.

“Consolidation Of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Laws,” ANU College Of Law “Equality Project”

In 2012, a Federal Senate Inquiry occurred into the amendment of anti-discrimination laws. A number of submissions to the Inquiry recommended that all exemptions to anti-discrimination laws for religious organisations and for individuals appealing to faith and/or conscience should be repealed. Continue reading

“TV host fired over Sean Avery debate,” ESPN, AP

Reports on the firing of sports commentator Damian Goddard after he tweeted his support for natural marriage. Continue reading

“False Equation: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage and Opposing Interracial Marriage,” Dennis Prager, Townhall

Refutes the argument that opposing same-sex marriage is equivalent to opposing interracial marriage. Continue reading

“Bishop Henry calls for overhaul of human rights commissions,” Deborah Gyapong, Canadian Catholic News

Describes the two complaints made to the Human Rights Commission against Calgary Bishop Fred Henry for a pastoral letter he wrote about same-sex marriage.  The Human Rights Commission covers the costs of the complainant, but not the person against who the complaint is made. Continue reading

Ms. Juliet Joslin et al. v. New Zealand, Communication No. 902/1999, U.N. Doc. A/57/40 at 214

The complainants, two lesbian couples, petitioned the United Nations Human Rights Committee to rule that it their human rights were being violated by a refusal by the New Zealand government to allow same-sex marriage.  Continue reading