SA Transgender Mandate Strips Parents’ Rights

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Transgender-Mandate.jpgActivists continue to police everyday language, to “protect” LGBTI minorities from being inadvertently “offended”. As we are already seeing, this mentality spills over into all spheres of public life, especially when it comes to our children’s education.

Earlier this year, the new transgender policies for schools in South Australia shocked our readers. Under these laws, students will be able to choose which bathrooms they use based on how they feel, without any input from their parents. They will also be able to choose sleeping quarters and change rooms as they see fit, all in conforming with whatever “gender” they “choose” to be identified.

The key concern is that policies such as these provide license for well-meaning teachers and other school staff to undermine the authority of parents when it comes to determining what is in the best interests of their children. As well-articulated recently by Damien Ferri:

Another underlying issue that needs to be discussed is that policies such as this continue to give the state more power over our children, and at the same time strip away responsibilities from parents. Ms Hayes said that it would be “highly unlikely”, regarding a child wanting to be transgendered, that they would go against the wishes of parents unless it was an “absolute last resort”…

Mr Ferri rightly questioned who it was who had authority to determine what an “absolute last resort” looks like: 

It’s quite easy for people to exaggerate purposefully for the sake of an agenda. Also, Ms Hayes contradicted herself by saying that if the wishes of transgender students to “affirm their identity” clashed with those of their parents, the policy allowed schools to “assess the best interests of the child to ensure their physical and psychological safety and well-being”. By that statement it is quite clear that they are positioning themselves to play the role of a parent, therefore stripping the responsibilities and duties that parents have in providing their children with the right values… they have taken it upon themselves to take over that role, in teaching the moral guidelines that the state deems fit rather than teaching our children how to read, write, and learn all of the necessary subjects to equip them for their future.

Parents should be concerned when the government dictatorially intervenes in the upbringing and parenting of their own children. Gender and sexuality are foundational and ideologically-charged topics for parents. Would you want your children to be taught material that contradicts your beliefs, and even undermines the healthy upbringing of your children?

Interventions such as these are designed to please noisy LGBTI activists, with no consideration for people who hold differing views – or even for the innocent children caught up in these debates. While we may have grown to expect such intolerance, this is no reason to submissively accept it. We cannot afford to be silent while our children are affected most by these policies. 

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