Safe Schools Can’t Cover-Up Their True Nature

safe-schools-cant-cover-true-mission-Marriage-Alliance.pngEven as Safe Schools proponents try to cover up the truth about gender ideology’s infiltration into Cheltenham Girls’ High School in Sydney, the truth has been revealed: teachers were encouraged to refer to students by non-gender specific pronouns.

Miranda Devine from the Telegraph reports on how, at a meeting, teachers were instructed to implement elements of the Safe Schools program:

A video clip from the Safe Schools resources toolkit was shown at the meeting, depicting a transgender child who had changed from male to female.

“The ‘anti-discrimination act’, was projected across the board and it was stated that any teacher who did not comply with this act was considered a homophobe and law-breaker who would be receiving penalties as [is the case for] any other discrimination offences, and was not welcome by the school,” said someone who attended the meeting.

“Many teachers naturally felt threatened and did not speak up but were clearly distressed.”

The tone of the two teachers running the meeting was described as “very authoritarian” and the presentation “included the request that all staff members within the school refrain from using terms such as ‘girls’, ‘ladies’ and ‘women’, and to replace those terms with ‘students’ and other non - gender specific terminology.

“This did not come from the principal, but from the two teachers running the meetings. They stated that teachers were to limit their usage of these terms to accommodate LGBTI students within the school...”

“There was no way it wasn’t demanding”, an insider said yesterday.

The most appalling aspect about this whole affair is that school officials decided to implement the program without consulting parents first. Although the school has assured parents since the incident that it will not change the way it refers to students, many parents are still worried that the school will implement other changes without their consent.

Cheltenham Girls High School yesterday posted a Facebook statement saying it would not ban the term “girls”.

“The school has not, and will not, change the way students’ gender is referred to,” it said. Yet parents remain dismayed the school has signed up to the controversial Safe Schools program without telling parents. Dr Wendy Moran has three daughters who have attended CGHS, including her youngest in Year 12. She has joined a group of 20 concerned parents who have written letters to principal Susan Bridge, complaining about the program and the secretive way it was being introduced.

They point out the recent federal government review of Safe Schools requires “agreement of relevant parent bodies for schools to participate”. 

The push for safe schools is part of a larger attempt to redefine the way the next generation understands gender and sex. 

Dr Kevin Donnelly, senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University and co-author of the Review of the Australian Curriculum, said that the use of gender neutral language such as “students” in place of “girls and “boys” is part of the Safe Schools agenda to erase gender differences. “They say it’s hetero­normative to talk about men and women, boys and girls, because it’s reinforcing a binary stereotype — which doesn’t exist because gender is fluid and limitless and … students can be whatever they want. I disagree with all of that, but I can understand why the school would be doing it. Gender ideology is undermining any traditional sense of what it is to be a man or a woman and it’s quite influential and powerful.”

Senator Cory Bernardi, who successfully led a group of MPs in reforming elements of the federally funded Safe Schools program, last night criticised the push for gender-neutral language in schools.

“The dismantling of gender differences diminishes both our humanity and our uniqueness — this is a societal poison that cannot be allowed to spread any further than it already has,” Mr Bernardi said.

Our children represent the future of our society. Presenting them with gender ideology as a normal thing will at the very least confuse them during their critical development, and ultimately damage their development into functional and happy adults. The consequences of gender ideology do far greater harm than undermining our rights: they intentionally seek to confuse, and ultimately harm our children.  

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