One Mum’s Safe Schools Concerns Go Viral

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Concerns-Mum.jpgThe silent majority has finally rediscovered its voice on the topic of Safe Schools, through a Victorian mother of four. In the week since the young mum posted a video of her concerns on Facebook, there has been an incredible outburst from parents flooding the internet with posts and videos denouncing the program.  

There are two videos in particular that have stood out for their brutal honesty about what the ‘anti-bullying’ curriculum actually encompasses, and the response they have received has been massive.

The first video, with over 3.5 million views and 50,000 shares on Facebook, features a young mum giving a heart-to-heart chat with viewers about the program’s materials. Going by the name “Political Posting Mumma”, she exposes the true nature of the Safe Schools program and her dissatisfaction with the education system and government in Australia. As the 12,000+ comments indicate, her input has definitely sparked some serious discussion about the issues. She drives home the underlying theme with candid honesty: “Kids need to be kids. Things need to be age appropriate… I don’t think we need to be teaching anal sex to 13 and 14 year olds.”


The second video – with over 182K views and counting – features Moira Deeming, a teacher with first-hand experience of the Safe Schools curriculum. In the video below, she reads through some of the Safe Schools ‘activities’, which involve hypersexualised questions, roleplay and surveys. She not only addresses how these activities are not age appropriate, but also the legality and safety of these situations: “What does a teacher do with the completed forms, filled with students’ sexual preferences and fantasies?” she asks. “And why are children under the legal age of consent being told by teachers that it’s perfectly acceptable if they have already participated in these sexual activities?”

“Political Posting Mumma” has spent the week since posting her explosive video responding to the extraordinary reaction to it.  She, along with Moira Deeming, respond to critics – including the Victorian Department of Education, which called the claims “absolutely ridiculous” – by posting evidence to back up her claims.

In a more recent video, “Political Posting Mumma” spoke about the backlash she’s received, an all-too-familiar response from LGBTI activists:

“You don’t get to gain rights by taking away the rights of others; everybody has the right to have a voice... For the nasty commenters on my feed and wow, have I read some horrible things about myself.  When you get personal and start to attack people and name-call them, that’s actually not a great look for your anti-bullying program cause.  We’re all getting a bit tired of being called homophobic simply because we want to protect our own kids and for wanting to have been informed in what they were actually learning and for just wanting to be the parents that we are.”

Appearing on Andrew Bolt on Wednesday night, “Political Posting Mumma” explained that she could not reveal her name because “the vitriol is just vicious and, at the end of the day, my children are involved... I’m nervous.”  But that hasn’t stopped her from getting the message out there!

As the views on these videos only continue to increase, more posts and videos are streaming in to support the eradication of the Safe Schools program. Parents and teachers are coming out of the woodwork to share their experiences and insights into the aggressive gender ideology forced upon the youth. The silent majority is no longer willing to keep silent about the state of Australian education.

Will you take a stand against Safe Schools as well?

Do your part and keep every Australian child safe from Safe Schools by signing our petition to have it scrapped nationwide and by sharing it on your Facebook page. Click here to learn more!



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