Creator of axed Safe Schools program leaves La Trobe

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Roz-Ward-Safe-Schools.jpgWhen Safe Schools’ creator Roz Ward controversially remarked that half of all young people are same-sex attracted, she probably expected the media to ride along with her claim, without bothering to analyse whether there was data to support her remark. Turns out Ward was wrong: the Australian people and the public at large do care about the truth – and they saw right through Ward’s lie.  

As reported in The Australian:

She addressed her own “coming­ out” as a 16-year-old before talking about how the Safe Schools program aimed to challenge “heteronormativity”.

According to Ms Ward, the often-cited claim that 10 per cent of people were likely to be attracted to their own sex — a figure Safe School’s materials also relied upon — was a “joke”. “It’s more like 40-50 per cent of young people who are not ­exclusively attracted to the opposit­e sex,” she said. “That’s how fluid sexuality is headed.”

Following her outrageous claim, the architect of the controversial Safe Schools program announced that she has left her post at La Trobe University. Her past at La Trobe has not at all been one that inspires confidence in her integrity: Ward was suspended from her position at La Trobe after publicly denouncing the Australian flag as racist, and was previously photographed harassing a Trump supporter at a rally in Melbourne.

Despite the claim that 10 per cent of people being attracted to people of the same-sex being the same number which Safe Schools cites, Ward proceeded to make the above claim that half of all children are “gay”. Contrary to Ward’s claims, 2011 Census figures show that 0.7% of the Australian population were in same-sex relationships   – a far cry from Ward’s fifty per cent, or even Safe Schools’ 10 per cent suggestion.

This is not the first time that proponents of gender ideology programs have ignored facts and figures in the pursuit of their gender utopia. Ward, even then known as an avowed Marxist, LGBTI activist and proponent of radical gender theory, architected Safe Schools and paraded it as an anti-bullying program. The Victorian government committed over $2 million to the Safe Schools program, later to discover that there was in fact no evidence of homophobic bullying.  

The facts are that Safe Schools is not about bullying at all. Ward previously told a Safe Schools Coalition National Symposium that Safe Schools was “not about stopping bullying [but] about gender and sexual diversity, about same-sex attracted, about being transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual... not just being nice to everyone” and in her recent comments, she said of the 40-50 per cent number: “That’s how fluid sexuality is headed.”

If the creators of Safe Schools have their way, the idea that 40-50 per cent of children were LGBTI would become a reality.

Ward claimed academics, conservative politicians and Murdoch press were responsible for the controversy around Safe Schools. However, because Roz failed to recognise – or outright ignored – the problems inherent in the program, the long-term health of many children has been put in jeopardy as a result.

Thankfully, Safe Schools has been collapsing one state at a time. NSW, Tasmania and now South Australia have all abandoned the program. As Marriage Alliance CEO Damein Wyld emphasised, it is imperative that we show our support for officials who axe Safe Schools, but even more importantly, we must ensure that funding never returns to Safe Schools or any of its accompanying programs.

Let’s keep up the pressure to ensure other states follow suit in protecting our children by scrapping Safe Schools once and for all!

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